Razer Blade 14 - 1080p screen? Vote!

Discussion in 'Systems' started by reloader-1, Mar 15, 2016.


Would you be interested in the New Razer Blade 14, but with a matte 1080p non-touch screen?

  1. Yes, I prefer it and would buy it

    36 vote(s)
  2. No, the QHD+ screen is fine

    25 vote(s)
  3. I'm not interested in the Razer Blade 14

    5 vote(s)
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  1. reloader-1

    reloader-1 Well-Known Member

    Razer has mentioned they would "listen closely to customer feedback" and here is our chance.

    I'd like to know how many potential Razer Blade 14 buyers would be interested in having the exact same specs as the New Razer Blade 14, but with a matte 1080p FHD screen.

    In other words, the same 16gb of DDR4 RAM, the same 6GB 970m, etc (and probably the 256gb SSD).

    I'm voting yes for improved battery life, better gaming fps, and because I hate scaling issues. Thoughts?
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  2. VikariousOne

    VikariousOne Well-Known Member

    I'm just going to cry. Just kidding. The price fell quite a bit. I think the QHD+ screen should be okay. Just turn down resolution!
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  3. shinjin

    shinjin Member

    That's my one gripe with my stealth. It's an amazing laptop but I get a whole 4 hours of real life usage with the QHD panel. If much rather have a 1080p panel and have improved battery life and frame rates. Plus on a screen under 20" there's no need for super high resolution, especially when you don't have a powerful desktop gpu powering it. Just my opinion though, I'm sure some will disagree.
  4. KakashiSharingan

    KakashiSharingan Active Member

    I'm in a completely different boat here... I would rather get a 1080p touchscreen G-Sync display over the qhd, since programs don't scale at high res, the GTX 970m isn't fast enough to play at high res, and it would help with battery life...
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  5. Swanka

    Swanka Active Member

    What I don't understand is why they didn't put in a 1080p option. As far as I can tell, the new Blade uses the same chassis as last year's model. Surely they could just take the same panels used last year and put them in this laptop.

    But as you guys mentioned, a 1080p display would grant better battery life and framerates, as well as avoiding scaling issues. Let's also not forget that according to the Steam Hardware survey, 1920x1080 is the most commonly-used resolution (35.73% of Steam users) with 1366x768 in second place (26.26%). Meanwhile, resolutions higher than 1080p make up only 3.46% of Steam users. Clearly, the demand for resolutions higher than 1080p is not enough to justify only a QHD+ model.
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  6. Ur2eZ_4_Me

    Ur2eZ_4_Me Active Member

    I think QHD is perfect. It offers the many benefits of high dpi screens, without the drastic scaling needed for UHD screens. 1080p matte screens are great for gaming, but don't look near as nice when viewing media content and reading articles.
  7. Burgz

    Burgz Well-Known Member


    No excuses not to... :eek_:
  8. RScrub

    RScrub Active Member

    Is it still called the Razer Blade 14?
  9. Burgz

    Burgz Well-Known Member

    According to sources, the answer is no.

  10. reloader-1

    reloader-1 Well-Known Member

    It has never been called that, but many people use that term as a clarification...
  11. I'd like a 1080p version with all of the specs the same for around $1800. I think that's a fair price point. That being said, I doubt it'll happen.

    EDIT: Look at MSI's GS40...1080p, 16GB of RAM, 6700HQ, 970M, similar size/weight, for $1500.
  12. RScrub

    RScrub Active Member

    But does it have the razer logo though :wink_:. honestly, Razer laptops look so amazing compared to the competitors.
  13. $500 is a lot to pay for looks. The GS40 also comes with a TB3/TC connector.
  14. PastelGraywatchsharp937

    PastelGraywatchsharp937 Active Member

    I'm on a 4k display now (xps 15) and it's ruined me. The qhd+ screen on my RB 2015 looked bleh in comparison, and there's just no going back to 1080p ever again.
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  15. Brastic

    Brastic Active Member

    I was hoping for a 4k screen on the Blade 14. I will play some games and then use this machine mainly for photo/video/CAD editing. Plus 4k scales down to 1080 really well.
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  16. Swanka

    Swanka Active Member

    Just a question for those of you with last year's QHD+ model. How does scaling to 1080p look? It is truly as bad as some people say? Or can you not tell on such a small screen sitting a comfortable distance away? How about 900p?
  17. PastelGraywatchsharp937

    PastelGraywatchsharp937 Active Member

    900 p looks better because it's even, imo. In games, anything 900p+ is gravy.
  18. VikariousOne

    VikariousOne Well-Known Member

    Desktop and application scaling is pretty much Sublime. I haven't noticed any issues at all. Most of the applications I use (Photoshop, Premiere Pro , AE, chrome etc.) all seem to be working perfectly and Windows 10 seemed to have fixed scaling issues. I also love playing lighter games like CS:GO/ A Story about my uncle on max settings at 3200x1800 but heavier games like GTA V run just fine on 1600x900 and look pretty great too since it is only a 14" screen.
  19. masterplo94

    masterplo94 Active Member

    At this point I cannot go back to a 1080p device at this size. Once you experience it, you will not be able to go back (at least that was what I felt).
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  20. _ramsey_

    _ramsey_ Active Member

    They had a 1080 last year, and dropped it. I think that says a lot about the demand for the 1080 resolution. Frankly, I'm disappointed it's not available in 4K like the Stealth.
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