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Razer Blade 14'' (2016) - problems with BIOS updates

Discussion in 'Systems' started by diegoesp, Dec 23, 2019.

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  1. diegoesp

    diegoesp Member

    Hey everyone,

    just wanted to know if anyone was experiencing the same issues.

    I've applied several BIOS updates to my Razer. Most of them were smooth, but the last two caused problems that may force me to send to RMA for fixing.

    1) Spectre / meltdown update
    The update effectively patched the vulnerability, but in turn my Razer does not "sleep" anymore. Every time I send my Razer to sleep it hangs, I have to force shutdown.

    2) Single click update (EC)
    This update effectively patched my BIOS, but now every time I use my Razer to game (use the discrete card), it discharges the battery (at a very very slow pace). It seems that power is not enough anymore to keep the battery at 100%.

    Both problems still persist after months.

    I've talked to support and responses were mixed. In the case of 1) first they admitted this was an issue some people were experiencing; but, in later exchanges they say this was not something that other people were reporting. In the case of 2) support never admitted this was a common occurrence.

    At this point it seems that I will have to RMA. I'm OK with paying for it (in fact, one time they changed my battery for free) but the feeling that installing a BIOS update issued by Razer would break my laptop makes me really insecure.

    Is anyone experiencing the same issues?
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  2. yes I have same exact issue the thing wont charge after bios update and it was fine before now its like the battery charge while plugged in. Simply it wont keep up with the power usage so Razer what are you guys going to do about this my computer now wont charge right just as the post above and the battery was perfect before bios upgrade now what ever the unit is charged at it stays there forever never charging so if 14 percent charged and 20 hours later if on and charging it will still be 14 percent unless I turn unit off and charge also at lower power I can see a flicker so your power saving update or battery save that update did is not good so please help
  3. diegoesp

    diegoesp Member

    Try opening a support ticket in support.


    They were super nice and tried to help me fix it. They were not successful, but at least they're paying attention. My best bet, right now, it's to wait for a new BIOS update.
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