Razer Blade 14 (2016) Questions

Discussion in 'Systems' started by KakashiSharingan, Mar 15, 2016.

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  1. KakashiSharingan

    KakashiSharingan Active Member

    So I'm interested in the new Razer Blade 14 (2016) but I've got some questions...
    1. Are the dimensions identical in every way? Since I'd like to use a 'Decalrus' skin if I were to get it (to protect from scratches) and I want to know if it would fit 100% perfect (specifically this skin: http://www.amazon.com/Decalrus-Non-Touch-Texture-Aluminum-BAfbrzrblade14Black/dp/B00IACWTPY)
    2. I currently own a cheap 5.1 surround sound system (a $100 logitech Z506 5.1 system), how would I hook it up to the Razer Blade 14? My desktop currently has a 7.1 soundcard so I'm fine but what about if I got the laptop?
    3. What are the duties and taxes for the $2700 CAD model? Will it bring it up to something like $3000? I live in Toronto, Ontario...
    4. Can you turn off the snake logo on the back? I heard you can turn it off for the Razer Blade Stealth yet no word on this Razer Blade 14 model...
    5. I heard people in videos say that Razer improved the cooling, but we never got any pictures? What changed?
    6. Why is it lighter than last year's model? What changed that made it lighter? Is the metal thinner or something?
    7. Why didn't Razer wait for Pascal? Wouldn't it be more beneficial?
  2. KakashiSharingan

    KakashiSharingan Active Member

    If anyone has any answers (or even questions) don't hesitate to answer...
  3. BarrothHS

    BarrothHS Active Member

    Skylake CPU produces less heat compared to the Blade 2014s CPU.
  4. KakashiSharingan

    KakashiSharingan Active Member

    Well obviously, but I also heard them say Razer improved the cooling? Not sure maybe they were wrong...
  5. PastelGraywatchsharp937

    PastelGraywatchsharp937 Active Member

    They said they tweaked the fan profiles so they don't wait so long to go on max, which is good.
  6. masterplo94

    masterplo94 Active Member

    I think I can try to give you some answers:
    1. The dimensions are the exact same, Razer changed the aluminum they used so it is lighter but the shape stayed the exact same. The only problem with the skin is how Razer has added a thunderbolt 3 port on the body. Every other port has stayed in the same spot but they added a thunderbolt 3 port so you will have to cut that out if you were to use that skin (not that big of a deal IMO).

    2. The notebook will not really be the same for having the full experience, it can do emulated surround sound but it doesn't have a 5.1 or 7.1 sound card with dedicated ports. The sound system will work but you will only get 2.1 ish out of it.

    3. I am not really 100% sure about the taxes and duties but it is likley there will be something that will cost extra. So I would suggest going to the Microsoft store in York dale mall, they carry Razer Blades their and they will be able to help. Then if you buy it there you wont have to worry about a lot of that stuff, in addition if you have problems you can bring it back without needing to ship it back to Razer.

    4. No, the rear Razer logo stays illuminated while the computer is on (for all my Blades that has been the case and I have not heard of it ever turning off even for the Stealth, so don't count on it but it may, just cross your fingers).

    5. It looks as if they have not changed the cooling setup they just have copied previous pages from their site and used it on the 2016 version, so they say to get the blade this thin we had to do stuff with the cooling etc... but it does not look like it has changed from the previous one or even two refreshes.

    6. Razer said they have cut off almost a quarter of a pound from the over all weight without compromising its structural integrity. So they did something, I am not sure but it doesn't sound bad by any means.

    7. Now why did they not wait for Pascal? This is a hard question, I thought about this myself. I think it would have something to do with this blade was already in production and as we know it takes a long time to make something like this at this sort of quality we have come to except from Razer. So, if Razers new Pascal blade will be radically different they may have wanted to use up their ideas on this before the release of Pascal for various reasons of wasting good ideas (like external GPU possibly or getting the most out of the current shell before dumping it). As well they could have just wanted more people to buy a blade so they would be locked into getting a core, making Razer more guaranteed money down the road. So yes for a consumer, there were not many huge upgrades, so they should wait for a major changed to make a large purchase like this, but for Razer it is good move because for all the months leading up to Pascal they will have a better / more efficient way of making money (shaving weight in aluminum and cutting off the 128 ssd variant will also help with that plan). There are many other reasons but those were just a few, I felt they were important points none the less. Hope this helps!
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  7. KakashiSharingan

    KakashiSharingan Active Member

    1. The skin I'm planning on getting covers the lid, screen bezels, keyboard area, and bottom so the new ports won't make a difference. If you're right about it being the exact same dimensions it should be fine.
    2. I figured out a solution to the 5.1 thing, I can buy an external 5.1 soundcard that uses USB.
    3. Thanks for the suggestion! I haven't thought about that...
    When do you think the Microsoft store at Yorkdale mall will carry it (or just the Canadian microsoft store)? Since the Razer Blade Stealth has been out for a while now, and they still don't have it on their microsoft store...
    4. For the Razer Blade Stealth I heard you can turn off the logo: "You can turn the logo’s light off in the software settings, though this makes it only marginally less ostentatious." Source: http://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2016...at-happens-when-gamers-make-a-regular-laptop/
    So maybe this new model you can turn it off? I don't want it to be too much of a head turner in class...
    5. I thought so too, it's just that in an overview video they said they improved the cooling system, which I didn't see anything about in their site... I guess they were wrong.
    6. Well I hope it is just as robust as last year's model... I'm just genuinely curious where that weight went. Could be a stronger aluminum alloy that's thinner or something but I guess only razer knows...
    7. So when do you think they will update to pascal? I've already saved up like $3000 and my current laptop is a 7 year old core i3 HP laptop... I'm just not sure if I should buy this model or wait for pascal... Do you think they will update it with pascal soon? It would really suck if I upgraded now and then like 4 months later they would put a GPU that's 2X faster...
    Edit: You were very helpful so far, thanks!
  8. KakashiSharingan

    KakashiSharingan Active Member

    How is that good? I'd rather not have a jet engine take off on my table unless I'm playing games...
  9. PastelGraywatchsharp937

    PastelGraywatchsharp937 Active Member

    Because the last ones didn't go to high speed until 80C or so and max speed only after the gpu hit 87/CPU hit 90 or something. It was not aggressive enough and lead to it getting far too hot. The absolute worst part of the blade was the high surface temperatures that made use uncomfortable/painful.

    That's how it's good.
  10. KakashiSharingan

    KakashiSharingan Active Member

    Well I'd say just making it with a 6th gen intel CPU helps more than the fan profiles... I'd prefer if I can make my own fan profile... Like a quiet mode and a gaming mode...
  11. masterplo94

    masterplo94 Active Member

    1. Yup same dimensions, so I don't think you will have a problem.

    2. The external sound card / amplifier works too!

    3. I know for a fact the Yorkdale Microsoft store carrys blades because they always have them on display. They should have the 2016 blades any time, as they refresh their stock fairly quickly, from what I have heard (took two ish weeks for them to replace the 2014 blade with the 2015 blade, they still carried the 2014 blade but the newer version took its spot). So all in all, you could try to call them in a weeks time, to see what's up there (my guess is they should have the new blade or they will be on their way). In addition, I found the Microsoft store website was slow to update, so take what is on their with a grain of salt.

    4. Wow I never knew that, cool! I would expect you will be able to, if the cheaper stealth got that feature, especially when they lighting setup is nearly identical.

    5. Improving their cooling system could be something very small like using new thermal paste or (this is just speculation) there may be better airflow now since the aluminum now is thinner, that will theoretically allow for more room for the air to be channeled. That is just a guess, but I know they did not do anything radically different with the cooling, so it will be something along those lines.

    6. I am fairly confident Razer will be honest about the fact that changing the thickness of the aluminum, will not compromise the overall strength in a meaningful way. They could have also resorted to a higher grade of aluminum, which would do the trick.

    7. So Pascal will be announced (strong roomer) April 4 - 7 and then that will be made available for us people sometime the next month. Razer in the past has not come out with their blades directly following the launch, as they like to take their time so their product will be up to their standards. What this has meant, is there is normally around a two month wait (if my memory serves me). So you could expect it at the end of June to early July is my guess (could be faster or shorter).
    It seems like you really need the upgrade. My advice will be to wait on purchasing a blade, as you said you have a 7 year old notebook at the moment, so what are another four months at this point. I say this because, as VR is becoming a thing NVidia actually has to try hard to improve performance, so VR can actually become successful. This means, like you said, there will likely be a large jump in performance, if they want more people to adopt VR. Furthermore while this refresh was a very welcomed update it was nothing spectacular, this was the case for the last update as well. I am not saying, by any means, that they still are not possibly the best notebooks of their class, but if they haven't done too much after 2014 and since there will be a big change in their key component (the GPU) I would expect a larger update to the blade lineup with the Pascal refresh. So I would suggest you wait, but if you really need it then you can go for it. Since this blade will work with the Razer core, if you need the extra performance for VR, then as long as you use VR at home, this version of the blade should work fine as well.

    Regards, masterplo94
  12. KakashiSharingan

    KakashiSharingan Active Member

    1. So it is the same dimensions yet the aluminum is thinner? It must be exactly the same or the decal skin won't sit right...

    2. I found an old external 5.1 usb sound card I had laying around (X-FI surround 5.1 Pro) so I think that would work...

    3. So you're saying previously they have updated 2 weeks after a blade is released? Since I'm a little confused why they don't sell the Razer Blade Stealth in that case...

    4. We will never know if you can turn the back logo on/off unless someone gets a unit and tests it.

    5. I cant wait to see a teardown of the new Razer Blade 14, it will give more insight into what really changed.

    6. Yea they might have used a stronger aluminum or something, which allows to cut the thickness.

    7. So Pascal is going to be announced in around 3 weeks, but the real question is, when can we expect to see it in notebooks? (Specifically, Razer notebooks?) Because I'd buy the new Razer Blade if a new one isn't coming out until next year... You mentioned waiting 4 months, so do you think they will update to pascal just 4 months after the release? Since right now it is only up for pre-order it will probably ship in a month, so basically you think they will announce an update just 3 months after people receive their product?
  13. KakashiSharingan

    KakashiSharingan Active Member

    In this video:

    At 25 seconds he explains that they re-engineered the cooling system (fans/heat pipes) so they really did improve it! I can't wait until we get a review and tear-down so we can compare.
  14. Usb c to recharge?
  15. jonnysniperr

    jonnysniperr Member

    Think one of the main reasons is that they wanted to cut the price from last years, and may have had a hard time doing so whilst also upgrading the gpu to pascal.
  16. jonnysniperr

    jonnysniperr Member

    I'd be very surprised if they did release and update that soon, as they would have thus produced a load of blade 2016's that were now surplus to demand. 1 year is an acceptable gap.
  17. KakashiSharingan

    KakashiSharingan Active Member

    Which is why I've already ordered mine (512gb), but it ships on the 17th :c
  18. You can turn off illumination on Razer snake logo.

    Anyway, on regards to the cooling, it's...well a little better. So you can control on Synapse whether you want it on Quiet Mode or Cool Mode. Quiet mode will make the laptop pretty silent when web browsing and stuff. You hear a very soft whine still but you don't hear the fans.
    Cool mode will turn on the fans and you will hear the fans even when web browsing and it's good for games.

    I mean it's a little quieter than the 2015 version and less hot after a little experience but I play less demanding games.
  19. PastelGraywatchsharp937

    PastelGraywatchsharp937 Active Member

    Looks like it still runs extremely hot. Not much changed about the cooling - in Dave 2d's video you can see that literally all they did was flip the spreader upside down.

  20. KakashiSharingan

    KakashiSharingan Active Member

    They didn't "flip the spreader upside down" if you actually watched the video (and compared it to the older blade) you would see the fans have been modified, the heatsink surface area has been extended, and reviewers say it runs cooler than before.
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