Razer Blade 14" (2017) - Powered USB-C Dock?

Discussion in 'Systems' started by buckZilla33, Jun 19, 2019.

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  1. buckZilla33

    buckZilla33 New Member

    Hello, I'd reply on this thread: https://insider.razer.com/index.php?threads/docking-station-for-razer-blade-14-2017.45034/ but it's locked. I know this laptop is a couple years old now, but it's still a great laptop and I'd like to get a USB-C/TB3 dock that gives me external display/keyboard/mouse capabilities AND supplies power to the Laptop over the USB-C connection. In chatting with Razer Support today, they seemed to think any USB-C dock that supplied at least 165W of power would work. Has anyone had good luck with a specific brand? Love to have a little assurance before I order. I've tested my Blade with a Caldigit USB-C dock and it works fine, but does not provide power to the system (not surprising as it's an 80W dock). I've seen threads suggest the Lenovo TB3, but it won't provide power. It appears Dell has a couple different models: WB15 and TB16. Of those, the TB16 looks the most robust and both are available in 180W configurations. I'm not a huge Dell fan, especially with this not being a Dell Laptop.

    Appreciate any suggestions.
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  2. Joikansai

    Joikansai Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    Unfortunately Blade with dgpu (stealth, 14, 15) Thunderbolt port isn’t designed for charging, it’s not about TB3 100 watt charging limitation. So your Blade can only do “two cable” solution, and I can tell Lenovo Thunderbolt 3 Dock works since I saw successful samples from Blade 14 and 15 user, good to know that calldigit (plus?) works, also its DP and ethernet as well?
    There’s some gaming laptops like from Sager and Asus that can be charged through usb c but they’re lack of Thunderbolt speed, MacBook Pro 15 and XPS 15 are unique laptop models that can be charged through its TB3 but its dgpu isn’t wattage hunger (as powerful as Blade dgpu).
  3. figrin1

    figrin1 Well-Known Member

    I am appalled that they told you it's possible to charge your system using the USB-C connection. It's just absolutely, unequivocally false, and anyone who knows a modicum about that laptop would be able to tell you this.
  4. buckZilla33

    buckZilla33 New Member

    Well, my I updated my case today asking for clarification and pointed them at this thread. I'd sure like a clear answer on this. Some threads I've found suggest charging DOES happen if the dock is capable. Case# : 03096206
  5. figrin1

    figrin1 Well-Known Member

    Certain laptops can charge through their Thunderbolt port, but the Blade 14 is not one of them. Even if that port was capable of providing power, USB-C isn't capable of providing a high enough wattage to power the system.

    (If that's not convincing enough I can tell you that I used to own the same laptop you're asking about and can confirm that it did not charge at all via the powered USB-C connection on my eGPU)
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