Razer Blade 14 2021 USB-C Charging

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by Anonymous_Hedgehog, Aug 9, 2021.

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  1. Anonymous_Hedgehog

    Anonymous_Hedgehog New Member

    Can anyone share their experience charging the new blade 14 with a 100W USB-C charger? I was testing this feature out with a 100W GaN charger that I have but was a little disappointed to see that the charge rate seems to top off at around 65W. The cable I was using was a certified Thunderbolt 3 cable capable of delivering 5A @ 20V, and I have switched at least 3 different cables but each time I was only getting 65W. Just to make it clear, the wattage reading came from a physical power meter connected between the charger and the laptop.

    I've seen reviews getting some low 90W power with a 100W GaN charger, which looks much more promising than the 65W that I was getting. I'd also like to mention, if it's any useful information at all, that occasionally my blade was able to pull about 83W for a few seconds but the figures quickly went back down to 60W. By the way, I am already on the latest bios (v1.06).

    I've seen very little discussion on this, but for the few people who did mention it, they seemed to be having the exact problem. Any input will be greatly appreciated.
  2. Razer.GuitarScar

    Razer.GuitarScar Active Member

    Were there any activities going on while charging your laptop using a 100W USB-C charger? Please be aware that charging slows down when a device is in use, even more, when internal temps are higher. Let me take a closer look and assist you further by sending me the serial number of your Blade 14 via PM. Let's go from there.

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