Razer Blade 14" 2022 (RZ09-0427x) - BIOS Update

Discussion in 'Systems' started by ccac3, Aug 10, 2022.

  1. ccac3

    ccac3 New Member

    Not sure how many Blade 14" 2022 owners are out there but I'm wondering if anyone noticed something that I did. About a month ago I was prompted to perform a bios update to v2.07 which I performed without much trouble (did have to re-do Windows Hello). The weird thing that I noticed is that on the same day that I did the update, the bios update page and .exe disappeared from the Razer website. The only mention I could find referencing the bios update were these two forum threads:



    I don't have any usb-c displays to test out as in that first thread I linked but I wonder whether there was an issue with the bios update to 2.07 which prompted it to be removed from the website?
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  2. SuperMonkeyDr0p

    SuperMonkeyDr0p New Member

    Hey, I'm looking for the updater too. My keyboard isn't functioning properly, and got asked about the BIOS version.
  3. ccac3

    ccac3 New Member

    Unfortunately I don't have the updater file and it seems like very few people with knowledge have stumbled across this thread. You might have to try the threads I linked above or making a new post in the support forum?
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