Razer Blade 14' or Razer Stealth 2018?

Discussion in 'Systems' started by NovaPrime117, Aug 9, 2018.


Blade 14' or Stealth 2018?

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  1. NovaPrime117

    NovaPrime117 New Member

    Hey guys, first post so be BRUTALLY HONEST.
    Ive been using the Razer Stealth (early 2016) since it came out, and frankly im somewhat contempt with what i got. I initially got it for college, Office suite, prezi, blender projects, etc all worked flawlessly. Its when my friends corrupted me and got me into more pc gaming, and thus i bought a used Core and a MSI Gaming X 1060 3gb gpu. With that, gaming has been pretty decent, sure it could be better had i gotten a gaming pc and a craptop for school. Anyways, my brother is now in 10th grade, and my parents would like for me to retire my stealth to him, and id get the new stealth. Went to best buy and saw the strangest thing, an open-box Razer Blade 14' for just over 1.1K. Quite cheaper than its initial price tag, and still a bit cheaper than the current Stealth. So now im a bit confused on what i should get, and what would be best for my current setup.

    So these are my questions:
    1. Which gpu is better? the 1060 in the Blade vs the 1060 through the Core. Theres some performance deterioration through the core, but at the same time, the laptop gpu cant be as powerful as a desktop gpu, right?

    2. Who has the better specs?
    After comparing specs, id think they're evenly matched. the I7-7700 in the Blade is faster than the i7-8550U in the stealth, but since the 8550U is newer, it compares evenly with the older 7700HQ. Both have 16gb of ram, though the Blade has the 512gb ssd, while the Stealth has 256gb. Now, my understanding is that the ssd in the Stealth is quite faster than that of the one in the Blade, though i use a external Drive for storage anyways. Resolution isnt a concern for me, since i use a external Ultra wide at home, so 1080p is fine, though the higher res is nice from time to time when out of the house (when i dont turn it down to 1080 for battery :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ). Battery is battery, lets be honest, im going to need the power brick regardless. Weight and ports are what they are, if anything an extra pound wont break my back. Price, oh man the price! 1.1K for the Blade vs 1.6K for the Stealth.

    3. Thermals... oh and fan noise... How does the Blade compare to the Steath.
    Sorta embarrassed in class sometimes, when my Stealth sounds like a jet when everyone else's laptops are quiet, and you'd think the stealth would be quiet under small loads, well it aint. Blade cant be any better imagine, and then the thermal. I do need to RMA my stealth, whenever gaming it easily hits 100 Celsius and gets quite loud in class.

    Im leaning towards the blade, i already have the core so thats a plus, especially if my 1060 is better. Not only that, but the ssd is an upgrade i can when i need too. Cheaper than the stealth, but offers as much. Let me know what you guys think, honestly not really considering any other laptops, but who knows?
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  2. Joikansai

    Joikansai Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    1. Yes you’re right desktop gpu is more powerful than laptop, even nvidia told at first time that it’ll be same on Pascal GPU. But note, there’s laptops cpu bottleneck and TB3 Bandwidth that limited to 32gb on eGPU setting (PCIE3X4 lanes, each 8gb) vs desktop/laptop PCIE3 motherboard that has 16 lanes I think, correct me if I’m wrong, anyway bigger...In conclusion 1060 on core will perform under 1060 on Blade. But since you use gpu external not inside Blade, there’s massive temperature improvement, on my setting it’s almost 20 celcius lower.
    2. Ultrabook CPU won’t perform similar with gaming laptops cpu, it’s due higher tdp (wattage), that make 7700HQ perform more stable on high frequency compared to 8550U. SSD, usually base model was always slower than higher one, so with 512gb model you’ll get faster one I think. That price, yes is no brain, I’ll punch you if you’re my friend and get the stealth for that price. And to my friend I would also suggest to get not a year warranty on a gaming laptop, even it’s a good deal.
    3. Hmm, I’ve Stealth late 2016 but rarely game on it without Core, it’ll melt it on my gaming usage, anyway I don’t really enjoy low FPS and resolution games, prefer playing Mario Odyssey on switch or pubg on my phone, than playing GTAV on stealth without core.
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  3. NovaPrime117

    NovaPrime117 New Member

    Thanks for the reply Joikansai, I went to best buy this evening to buy it, who would've thought the geniuses at geek squad who refurbished it, decided it was better to completely reinstall windows than to simply reset it. They kindly did let me look over the unit, but there were issues left and right. First off, the damn scroll gesture on the TouchPad wouldn't work, and that PISSED not only me, but the also the best buy associate with me OFF. any who, looked over the unit and it was a fresh install of windows with numerous updates to do. Not only that, didn't have a single razer software installed, which i easily could've done my self, but the odd part was, under system info, and about, the unit didn't even know what model or manufacturer it was! Didn't even recognize there was a 1060 in it, nor did the display run anywhere near its high frame rate. It studderd on opening the windows menu. What an atrocity! Ran like garbage and didn't have anything installed properly. Promptly took it to geek squad and all of them were confused on how this laptop even made it to the shelf in this condition. Luckily, they offered to reinstall windows and the proper software needed and whatever else they could do. So now I simply wait till tomorrow for thr phone call that'll tell me whether they were successful or failed. Did offer to discount the unit a bit more just in case..
  4. Joikansai

    Joikansai Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    Geek squad who doesn’t know how factory resetting their product;) Yes let them do that for you and ask for a discount also:) Fresh installation windows need to install this and that, like drivers software etc will took whole day I think. Actually on Blade you just need to press F9 after booting for factory resetting, all will be ready to use after around 3 hours, that’s with windows latest update that took forever usually. Don’t forget to ask for extended guarantee, if there’s any, any gaming laptop needs it imo and having it will make you feel more convenient using it, even literally i never use it for a repair.
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