Razer Blade 14 UHD Light Bleed

Discussion in 'Systems' started by untitled.profile, Dec 19, 2017.

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  1. untitled.profile

    untitled.profile New Member

    I just got my first ever Razer product today - Razer Blade 14 UHD. While working on branding (dark color palette) for my client, I noticed light bleed, at first I thought that was gradient that I accidentally added into my design but upon further inspection I realised that it is the case of problematic display.

    25592934_10210990597416489_527401423_o.jpg 25552479_10210990597056480_2061362128_o.jpg

    I am aware that one of the possibilities is to contact support but at this time I am wondering what do you guys think? Is it due to pressure being applied while shipping or is it screen defect? And what should I do, worth keeping it or return it?

  2. Joikansai

    Joikansai Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    It’s a bad one, I would send it back. I got very minor on my refurbished Stealth but I can’t recognize it on gaming or media consumption also in dark scene, I think on yours it is remarkable. Thought it’s only FHD Blade 14 issues (with AUO Panel) since before on touchscreen from IGZO (Sharp, QHD+) never see such backlight bleeding. Could be also new panels manufacturers issue (BOA i think).
  3. untitled.profile

    untitled.profile New Member

    Thank you! I did end up contacting Razer Support and now awaiting for their response. I fell in love with the laptop in a single day, it will be hard to part ways with it but if I end up sending it back, hopefully will not get the one that would be worse.
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