Razer Blade 14in screen very dim and flickering

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by everVividTangerine741, Jan 22, 2021.

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  1. I recently decided to try to fix my Razer Blade
    14" with a 6700 cpu and gtx 1060 (RZ09-09152) it also has the qhd touchscreen. Originally my laptop had the motherboard go out and it would not power on and had no lights or sign of life. So I ordered a new motherboard to replace the old one.

    I got the new one installed and the laptop will now power on and boot up fine and the touchscreen works but the the screen is super dim especially on the left and right sides and will flicker. It is so dim that initially I could not even tell that the screen was on, and the only way to make it bright enough to see anything is to plug the laptop in but even after this it is very dim. This happens in the bios as well as the os. Curiously the screen, when first booted into the os, will be slightly brighter on the left and right, but after a few seconds it will go right back to being dim and flickering.
    Some possible clues-
    - I cannot control the resolution and the brightness setting does nothing
    - hdmi output does not work
    - gpu is not detected in the device manager and I cannot get the drivers to install

    Im assuming that this is most likely a hardware issue with the motherboard but am open to other possibilities. Im hoping to figure this out soon to determine if I just need to return the motherboard within the 30 days return period.

    TLDR: Laptop screen is very dim and flickers after a motherboard replacement
  2. Heres a video of the situation
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