Razer Blade 15 1660 TI 2019 base wobble/creak

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by Skullvia, Jul 24, 2020.

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    Hey all,

    I've had the laptop for just over 2 weeks now and noticed some issues. Originally, I thought that my audio was popping/crackling due to latency issues. After using latencymon and finding no real issues or ways to replicate the crackle, I determined that the screen creaks sometimes at the hinge when moved or vibrated and that was most likely the noise I was hearing. I believe there are other creaks as well but that's harder for me to determine. Then, two days ago, I found that the laptop doesn't sit evenly on many surfaces, with the front left foot area not in contact when the lid is open and the back right foot area not in contact when the lid is closed. I didn't notice this before as when the laptop is on my usual table it sits fine. Even weirder, when the laptop is on a surface where it has a slight wobble, rotating it 90 degrees almost always reduces the wobble and when on a surface with no wobble, rotating it 90 degrees produces the wobble. I can clearly see that only the corners of the long feet touch when on any surface, if that helps.

    I guess my question is: am I going insane with cabin fever or is it simply an issue that needs to be fixed?

    I've read through some threads on this forum that the issue can be caused by an over-tightened bottom plate, producing both wobble and creaks. Loosening it carefully then reattaching the plate seems to come up a lot as a fix. I'm comfortable doing that and have a good T5 screwdriver for it, but am worried about voiding the warranty from just reattaching the plate (considering the machine is new out of the box and barely used I'd rather not void something I don't have to). I've started a support ticket as well but would also rather not send in the laptop for repairs if it's something I can easily do.
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