Razer Blade 15 (2018 Base Version) - Laptop Lid won't stay shut

Discussion in 'Systems' started by mikeroconnor, Aug 16, 2019.

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  1. mikeroconnor

    mikeroconnor New Member

    Hi All

    Loving my new Razer Blade over the last couple of months, but unfortunately yesterday I noticed that my laptop had seriously drained in battery after getting it out my backpack.

    Cause of the drain was that my laptop lid no longer appears to stay closed when in its sleeve and pings open ever so slightly, causing it to wake from sleep, be on and drain.

    I have contacted Razer and they have approved an RMA for a return and repair, but having installed a lovely dbrand skin on the laptop a couple of months ago, when I got the laptop, I am concerned as to whether they might need/have to remove the skin to fix the unit.

    Anyone had any experience of knowing if/how they can fix the existing unit and whether I am likely to get my existing laptop (with dbrand skin) back after Razer return it?

    Thanks very much
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