Razer Blade 15" (2018) Intermittent Battery Detection

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by RedDevilpulseboard465, May 16, 2021.

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  1. My Blade 15 stopped detecting it's battery.
    It will still run on battery power (when the battery has charge) if I disconnect the power cable, but as it doesn't detect the battery, it won't actually charge it, and I won't know how long it will stay on.
    Sometimes (not consistently), if the laptop dies on battery power, when I turn it back on, it will notice that the battery exists and is at like 0%, and it will seem to function correctly and charge it. It will stay detected and functional as long as I keep the laptop on. But then on restart, the battery will go back to undetected.

    I've followed literally every bit of advice I've found on the razer site and forums, from updating the bios and EC, resetting the ACPI driver on windows, resetting my pc to factory settings. I've even replaced the battery, and the new battery acts the exact same way.

    It's been like this for like a year, and though I could initially contact razer support on their site (I got the usual check drivers, bios etc from them), it looks like I'm no longer able to because my support has ended? Even though I never managed to resolve the problem..

    Anyone had a similar experience? I've seen similar reports on the forums and online, but not exactly the same, and none of their solutions worked for me.
Thread Status:
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