Razer blade 15 (2019) gpu passthrough configuration (muxed or muxless?)

Discussion in 'Systems' started by redXRZ, May 22, 2020.

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    I am currently working on passing through the NVIDIA 1070 GPU into a windows KVM running on an arch Linux kernel. To get this to work I need to copy the frame buffer from the NVIDIA GPU and parse it through the integrated graphics so it can be outputted on the internal display as well as the HDMI output. I would assume the NVIDIA GPU is simply passed through via an internal PCIE lane due to its appearance in the PCIE configuration file but it seems to contradict itself since the HDMI port does not output by default to a secondary monitor and fails to detect it at all which shouldn't happen if the HDMI port is connected directly to the NVIDIA GPU's output. My suspicion based on that is that the laptop is MUXless and the HDMI output is sourced from the internal EGPU. if this is the case is there any kind of internal API I could use to create a software stub HDMI output from the GPU that I could copy the frame buffer from using a program like looking-glass?

    Attached below is a overview of MUXed vs MUXless systems.

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