Razer Blade 15 2022 2nd NVMe SSD fit (and heat)

Discussion in 'Systems' started by sandysp, Apr 28, 2022.

  1. sandysp

    sandysp New Member

    Hi all, my first Razer Blade is winging its way to me. I ordered the 15 QHD 3080 Ti. I want to be ready to install a second NVMe SSD into the extra stacked slot as soon as it arrives. I was looking at Samsung 980 Pro 1TB. Basically, I want to order the SSD now, and I want to have confidence it will fit.

    However, I am getting some super mixed messages on forums and YouTube re: whether it will fit (based on 2021 model). I am seeing a range of fit reviews from “it fit with no problem,” “it fit once I peeled the foam sticker from the installed ssd,” “it fit when I put the washer on top of the second drive,” “it fit when I removed the washer,” “it fit when I removed the metal plate,” “it fit when I cut (!!!) the metal plate,” “it didn’t fit.”

    Has anyone actually put the Samsung 980 Pro into the Blade 15 2022 model (preferably without sawing through metal)? How did it go?


    If you went with something other than the Samsung 980 Pro that fit well without drama, can you please share what that was?

    And lastly - should I be worried about exacerbating thermal challenges with the introduction of a second (and stacked) SSD?

    Thanks in advance!!
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  2. I put in the WD black edition 2 TB and it fit.
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  3. sandysp

    sandysp New Member

    Thank you! For the record, I took the plunge, and the 980 Pro 1TB fit as well. It appeared to be seated a bit high, but I had no problem closing the case and using the drive.
  4. SkyRho

    SkyRho New Member

    I just bought the Blade 15 4k and also would like to install a second SSD. I'm curious about the screw drivers you used and where you got them. Thanks for any pointers.
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