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    Computer model: Razer Blade 15 (2022) - RZ09-0421

    So, currently i operated a RB 15 2022 model, and i was thinking about upgrading the RAM from 32 GB to a 64 GB and i just wanted to know which RAM is the absolute best for this particular RB 15? And is it safe to do the self upgrade. Because a friend of mine had the exact same model RB 15 that i have and when he tried to self upgrade his RAM, he ended up frying his motherboard because of it.

    What are some of the good advices when working on the RAM and SSD that you guys know off in order to make it safe to work on with.

    Also, can i upgrade the SSD to a single stick 4 TB SSD or do i have to split it into (2) 2 TB sticks one for each SSD slots?
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    I moved your thread to our systems board so our comrades/Razer Blade owners can give their insights regarding your post. Thanks for your cooperation.
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    Replaceing ram and nvme is simple but you must know few things. First the stock ram is samsung ddr5 4800mhz cl40 and it opetate in 1.1v. I use blade 17 2022 and becose of volttage uprade it to kingston fury impact 4800mhz cl38 and it also work on 1.1v. In terms of drive the stock nvme is sottered to motherboard and cant be replaced but on top of the drive you can add second becose of this design you cant add 4tb drive becose there are double side memory driver and you can only install one side memory drive so the limit is 2tb. Another thing is nvme drive heat you cant go with drive that operate on high heat becose battery will swallow cery quick so drives like wd black sn850 are no to go, drives like samsung 980 pro work on lower power consumption and generate lesz heat but it have design issue right side where is memory is higher then left side where is drive chip that generate heat becose of that thermalpad that is not flexible dont cover it. Last thing is the stock nvme is on the same performance as 980 pro becose this the almost the same drive but without few fetures like firmware update. The stock drive is Samsung pm91a. I hope this will help you.

    p.s use good magnetic screwdriver becose this screws you cant buy anywhere and Razer chage paint on screws to shiny black so when you scrach paint there will be visable on repair center.
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