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Razer Blade 15 advanced 2020 Fans accelerate when screen times out.

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by Crenn1e, Aug 27, 2020.

  1. Crenn1e

    Crenn1e New Member

    I am observing an issue since the BIOS/Synapse Update for my Razer Blade 15 Adv 2020, 2070 super maxq (RZ09-0330x)

    Each time the screen times out (15-30 minutes) to save energy etc. the fans RAMP UP
    • I checked for offending apps, and I don't see anything pulling CPU cycles etc.
    • This is the screen timeout to black screen
    • The machine goes from idle fans to what I guess is about 30-50%, it's noticeable and I don't want to leave them running all night like that
    • As a result I have turned off the screen timeout and set the machine to shut off after an hour.
    This is not a great user experience and I wanted to know if anyone else has noticed this.

    The update I performed is Bios Update v1.1.1.2, and my synapse version is: 3.5.730.72314

    Additionally, my laptop gets PRETTY HOT set to Balanced Performance Mode, and the fans stay quieter under gaming than when the screen times out. The area above the keyboard gets BLAZING hot and even the hand rest gets a little uncomfortable (seems like balanced is not quite ramping up fan support enough unless I manually set fan speed and that is not great)

    I haven't seen any posts online that have the same symptoms so I am post to see if others are having the issue or if there is something I should do to remedy, a potentially "Known Issue".

  2. Crenn1e

    Crenn1e New Member

    Additional Troubleshooting:
    • The fans do not spin up if the Razer Blade is unplugged, only when the screen sleeps and the laptop is plugged in.
    • Razer Blade was fully charged
    • Fans Spin down IMMEDIATELY after touching the mouse to wake the screen.
    (*Omitted) was my default ID...
  3. Crenn1e

    Crenn1e New Member

    Additional Troubleshooting:
    • Uninstalled Synapse 3.0 completely and tested the Screen Sleep while plugged in and the problem still exists. (bios update issue?)
    • Nothing plugged in except the power cord
    • Only happens when the screen sleeps (not the computer sleep)
    • Is continuous and pretty loud
  4. Crenn1e

    Crenn1e New Member

    Official Support: Is there harm in re-flashing the bios update? I would like to confirm with you that my bios update was completed with success since Synapse being uninstalled did not solve the issue, and I DO NOT see any run away processes hitting my CPU or GPU during the Screen Sleep.

  5. Crenn1e

    Crenn1e New Member

    Razer Support? It's been a week and I have provided quite a bit of information here to start trouble shooting this. It is concerning that there has not been a response.
  6. Razer.SpeedCr0ss

    Razer.SpeedCr0ss Speed Hunter Staff Member

    Hi there! Thanks for posting your laptop's concern here. Have you contacted your Support Team? Please send me the following:

    a. Screenshot of System Information (Hit Windows+R to open the Run box. Type “msinfo32” into the “Open” field, and then hit Enter.)
    b. Screenshot of Windows version (Hit Windows + R. Open the Run box with then type winver)
    c. Screenshot of Synapse version (Click the gear/cog icon at the top right. For Synapse 3.0, click “About”).
    d. Screenshot of Nvidia Driver Version: (Press Windows+R on your keyboard. Type in DXDIAG into the run command text box and hit OK. Then click on YES. Click on the Display 2 tab and look for the Nvidia version on the right side.)
    e. Photo of BIOS main tab

    Save the files via Google Drive or to any online drive account then paste the link in your PM
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