Razer Blade 15 Advanced 2021 2nd NVMe SSD installation

Discussion in 'Systems' started by samueldruker, Mar 18, 2021.

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  1. samueldruker

    samueldruker New Member

    So I got a 2nd NVMe drive for the open slot on my new Blade 15. But I'm not sure I have the bracket on right after installing it. Is there a video somewhere of doing this upgrade (or even an official Razer doc?

    Thanks in advance!
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  2. Did yours have a sticker on the phillips screw?
  3. samueldruker

    samueldruker New Member

    No, it didn't. there was a plus sign on a foam backed sticker on top of the bracket, but neither screw had a sticker on it.
  4. Thanks! I think i am referring to that foam backed sticker, was a bit worrried that adding an additional SSD would void the warranty as i would have to remove the foam backed sticker to install the additional ssd. I have been looking everywhere for a video on installing the second ssd but have not had any luck! Thank you!
  5. bentvector

    bentvector New Member

    Just peel the sticker with the + or x sign on it off the screw and remove it, keeping the rubber washer on it. Install your new NVMe drive and push the screw back in, leaving the rubber washer on to help secure it. I found it too loose if you don't use the washer.
  6. Mozer92

    Mozer92 New Member

    Where is the 2nd open slot on the Blade? I got the Blade 15 basic 2060. From the discription I thought i could hadd a 2nd NVME SSD.
  7. Joikansai

    Joikansai Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    Hi there, keep in mind this thread is about advanced 15 model 2021 with new secondary nvme slot. Basic model it depends on model, 2018 has secondary hdd installed, 2019 has empty m2 slot that user can use for storage expansion beside the main m2 nvme, not sure if it’s nvme capable.
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    BOMBPHONICS New Member

    Does anyone happen to have a picture handy of the double sided capable slot in the mother board. I’m planning on trying an 8tb ssd as I’m told it works with some tape to hold it in because you can’t use the metal bracket for the ssd. I’m trying to get a picture of the bracket he was talking about before I order the drive or move down to a 4tb if it will also fit in the dual sided slot. One slot will accept a dual sided nvme and the other only a single sided.
  9. deividas.kreivys

    deividas.kreivys New Member

    Shoud that rubber washer be under new NVME or on top of it before I screw it? I'm asking because when I tried adding on top of rubber washer, nvme seemed to be too elevated and it looked like it might touch back cover..
  10. A-kgs

    A-kgs New Member

    i think there needs to be much more clarification about this issue. I am also confused when it come to expanding the ssd on bracket
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  11. deividas.kreivys

    deividas.kreivys New Member

    I've made video on how to install NVME :)

    Actually copied from original AD

  12. I'm not able to remove the screw on the plate to secure the second ssd. Does anyone know what size philips head should work? Is is possible to buy a replacement plate?
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  13. jersnav

    jersnav New Member

    I also had trouble getting the m.2 screw out to put nvme drive into 2nd bay in Blade 15 basic. Nearly stripped it but managed to get out with flat blade driver. Getting screw back in was difficult too. Anyone know what the right replacement screw size is? Perhaps m2 3mm or something like that. I was excited to get this laptop today but disappointed that first thing I did was almost strip the screw.
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  14. markvankemenade

    markvankemenade New Member

    which SSD would you recommend for the second slot on the advanced 2021?
  15. Hello
    For the Blade 15 Advanced, is the second ssd size 4tb or must it be 2tb....... all sites mention 4tb max and I do not know if this means max on the machine of max for secondary ssd.
    Thank you...
  16. JokingVortex

    JokingVortex New Member

    Does the empty slot on the Razer Blade 15 Advanced 2021 include the mounting screw for an extra drive, or does one have to be purchased? Also, are there any specific instructions on the screwdriver needed to install the drive mounting screw?
  17. chemicallymark

    chemicallymark New Member

    I tried to fit a 2nd SSD this evening in my Razer Advanced 2021. Unless I am doing something incorrect there is an engineering design flaw, which is extremely disappointing for such an expensive laptop.

    The 2nd SSD does not mount correctly and cannot be installed level with the battery. The back end sticks up slightly by around 1mm.

    Attached are several pictures where you can see how the SSD was installed and the part that stands proud. I put a piece of cardboard you can see clear daylight on the "screw end". The "connection" end is level as it should be.

    I also found a very recent youtube video where someone found the exact same issue. I simply cannot believe this basic flaw was not detected during the design phase and quality testing. From about 7min in he starts to get to the SSD installation. This guy actually cuts and modifies the bracket himself to get it to fit correctly, which to be honest is utterly ridiculous.

    The Razer website "SSD installation" video is garbage and does not even show the same layout!

    Surely Razer must be aware of this issue.

    Any comments or ideas?


    2021-08-19 - Razer - 2nd SSD installation - Top view - 1.jpg 2021-08-19 - Razer - 2nd SSD installation - Side view - 1.jpg 2021-08-19 - Razer - 2nd SSD installation - Connection end - 1.jpg 2021-08-19 - Razer - 2nd SSD installation - Screw end - 1.jpg 2021-08-19 - Razer - 2nd SSD installation - Connection end - 2.jpg 2021-08-19 - Razer - 2nd SSD installation - Screw end - 2.jpg
  18. chemicallymark

    chemicallymark New Member

    You should not have to buy anything. You need a Torx T5 and a PH0 screwdriver for the job.
  19. chemicallymark

    chemicallymark New Member

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