Razer Blade 15 Advanced Early 2019 Annoying Flicker

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by sfxpete, Sep 12, 2019.

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  1. sfxpete

    sfxpete New Member

    Hi All,

    Really hoping someone can help me out there with a strange issue I have...

    I've got a Razer Blade 15 Advanced Early 2019 laptop (1.5 months old) and since I've had it in a few apps like Blender 2.8, Affinity Designer + Photo in dark areas when I move around the UI and / or make changes I'm getting a subtle flicker. The grey areas tend to go darker and lighter again after you stop moving / doing things.

    If I connect to an external display via the laptops DisplayPort or HDMI port the issue goes away as the connection via those ports is direct to the Nvidia GPU I believe so it looks like either Optimus or the integrated Intel Graphics could have a hand in the problem.

    If I connect the same monitor through my Thunderbolt dock the issue comes back as I'm using the integrated Intel Graphics and Optimus for my Nvidia GPU. If I run Blender and force it to use my integrated Intel Graphics the issue goes away, thats on the laptop panel or the external display through Thunderbolt.

    With Affinity Designer and Photo though the issue is still there if I choose the integrated Intel Graphics on the laptop panel or external monitor through Thunderbolt, it does go away using the external monitor through DisplayPort or HDMI though, crazy!

    I've tried a ton of stuff like updated to the latest Razer BIOS / Embedded Controller, various Nvidia drivers, the latest Intel Graphics 630 drivers. Played with the Intel control panel and power and 3D settings, Nvidia 3D program override settings. Tried using the synapse software and the different performance profiles there with no joy. Tried changing refresh rates, tried loading the defaults in the BIOS to try and clear any rouge values with no joy. Tried recovering it back to factory default, no good and probably a few other things I've forgot, just don't know where to go with it now.

    Currently I've factor reset it and applied any Windows updates so its about as vanilla as possible with the issue still there. I've tried to speak with Intel and Nvidia got told they supply generic drivers and got told categorically that Razer are who I should be talking to and so I opened an issue with Razer over a month ago with no help, no response on the issue or anything at all after chasing their tech guys several times and being promised call backs that never happen. Really disappointed in the support and help from Razer on this. I realise problems may take time to fix but it seems just getting to speak to someone that can even acknowledge or progress something is impossible. I'm supposed to be getting a call back from an engineer sometime in the next 48 hours, they have 20 hours left, I'm betting I won't get a call yet again.

    Can anyone out there with the same model (or a model with Intel Graphics + Optimus / Nvidia maybe) try to fire up Blender 2.8 on their laptop panel and see if they notice that flicker in the view port at all when mousing over the UI? Its not crazy but once you see it you can't un-see it and that's the problem :slightly_sad:

    Or if anyone has ANY ideas please let me know, clutching at straws and feeling let down by Razer right now.

    Thanks all.
  2. sfxpete

    sfxpete New Member

    So after Razer not calling me back for a 5th time when promised, I called them and according to the guy I spoke to the problem has been acknowledged by their engineers (but no ETA on the fix).

    Is this normal with their support? i.e. no-one contacting you back when they say they will, chasing every single time, expected better when paying for a premium product like my Blade laptop....
  3. sfxpete

    sfxpete New Member

    Thought I'd update this to say after yet many more chasing up support with phone calls at my expense I came up with a reasonable workaround / compensation, after all I've been waiting 51 days and so far all I've been told is 'its a problem but we don't know when we will fix it' great.....

    If Razer could supply me with an Core X Chroma eGPU I would get a graphics card at my expense as that would allow 2 dedicated connection to an Nvidia GPU via DisplayPort (I need one for VR and one for the monitor to avoid the issue and work at 144hz) and let me work externally on my monitor (with the USB hub in the chroma I could swap using my thunderbolt dock for the eGPU) whilst the issue is fixed, my request was refused, great job Razer.

    Now I've requested a full refund which given the laptop isn't fit for purpose I am well within my legal rights and entitled to. Feel free to reach out to me Razer support if you can improve this situation, I've been ignored so far and your poor 1st line support are getting no help from management, maybe you can rescue this trainwreck and outright terrible customer service.
  4. Razer.RedPanda

    Razer.RedPanda Guardian of the Forest Staff Member

    Hello! I'd like to take a look at this. Please PM me the case number. I'll pick it up from there.
  5. sfxpete

    sfxpete New Member

    I've just PM'ed it over
  6. sfxpete

    sfxpete New Member

    I just want to add that Photoshop has the flicker when using it via Nvidia + Optimus, no flicker / dimming with the Integrated Intel graphics.
  7. sfxpete

    sfxpete New Member

    So, the saga continues.

    I call the Razer support phone line today during my now daily call to them (you need to call them, nobody will ever call you back, trust me, I know) after being promised an update on the situation today from the supervisor and now the supervisor is now out the office until Sunday but nobody is exactly sure when she will back, that Sun is an estimate?

    Ok, so surely theres another manager or someone with an update and resolution, nope. There's no other person to speak to, no manager, no supervisor, no team leader, no nothing and none coming. The UK phone support didn't have a clue where their back office was or how to contact them or where Razer's UK address is....

    @Razer.RedPanda I'm still waiting to hear from you but I guess you are probably in another timezone. Apologies, it appears you want to help me but your picking up from a VERY frustrated and let down customer, I hope you make contact today with some actual outcome please.
    Last edited: Sep 18, 2019
  8. sfxpete

    sfxpete New Member

    Still waiting to hear from you @Razer.RedPanda .....

    My case is now 53 days old on what is almost one your most expensive and current gen products, I would have thought you would want to fix this and at least offer some sort of compromise / compensation but here I am, still waiting with no idea what / if anything is going on.

    I thought I'd try the UK Razer support phone line again whilst I'm waiting to hear from just to ensure I'm doing everything I can to resolve things and guess what, still no supervisor or anyone able to offer any sort of escalation, what kind of setup are you running here Razer?

  9. Razer.RedPanda

    Razer.RedPanda Guardian of the Forest Staff Member

    Hello. I understand that you're frustrated. I have already responded to your PM. Let's continue there.
  10. sfxpete

    sfxpete New Member

    Well we 'continued in PM' (by which that means I was told theres no updates and they will keep an eye on the case, great.....) and guess what, nothing, I am now 64 days into when I reported the issue with no fix in sight.

    I also asked for a refund weeks ago and I'm still awaiting an answer on that, what is wrong with you Razer, do you enjoy making customers angry and annoyed because you excel at it! Wheres the refund being authorised, a colony on Mars perhaps, further than that? Seems to be.


    Looking at the above I'm not alone and you not only excel at it, you're a world leader!

    I've since got rid of your laptop on my own, thanks for no help, terrible communication and causing me months of time wasting. I will recoup that by telling every single person I meet to never trust or buy from you and unfortunately for you I'm contact with plenty of studios and people that might consider you.

    Quite simply the worst company I've ever dealt with, oh your good at marketing and getting 'influencers' on-board to show your products in a great light but once your past your very thin shiny marketing you and your products are an utter shambles.
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