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Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by Rekkike, Aug 2, 2019.

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    I come in peace from being a longtime dell XPS user, motherboard crapped out on me in that one so I figured I'd go with Razer, always wanted one.
    So on the 30th of July I saw a great deal at my countrys premiere electronics store and went in for the kill, good timing with the XPS having been recently dead.

    Now to the question: I don't know what temperatures on these are usual, but it feels like mine is running too hot. As soon as I start a game it seems to go to 100 degrees C (According to CPUID's HWmonitor), regardless of me trying to temper it with a cooling pad with the pads fans at maximum speed. It sits in high 90's for most of the gaming with frequent visits to the 100 line.
    Games I've tried:
    Witcher 3
    Total War: Three Kingdoms
    Xcom: Enemy Within (yes the old one)

    Full power and Gaming settings, plugged in.
    Afraid the laptops lifespan may be short with these temperatures.

    Are these temperatures normal?
    Could it be that the paste needs to be "burned in" ? I have only had it for about 4 days but used it nearly every day, mostly for non-gaming though.

    Hope you can put my worries to rest.
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