Razer Blade 15 camera and logo lighting issues

Discussion in 'Systems' started by r9dyt, Nov 23, 2018.

  1. r9dyt

    r9dyt New Member

    I bought Razer blade 15 recently with 1070 gpu and 1080p screen. Because the camera issue I already got a new replacement. But unfortunately the replacement had the same camera issue. The real time footage captured by front camera blinks every once in a while. The problem second one is, after I restart the laptop, the logo won’t be light for sure. I am not sure if this is related to the latest software update from either Razer or Windows. I wonder if somebody else also encounter the same two problems. I doubt they are related to software instead of hardware issues.
  2. crypticc

    crypticc New Member

    I noticed on last couple of synapse updates that the logo and keyboard lighting keeps getting broken...I keep needing to delete and reapply my settings. E.g. when switching to game isit fine but bank to the default profile it's disabled.

    Dunno about camera as I've never used it
  3. r9dyt

    r9dyt New Member

    Do you still have the logo light problem recently? I am not sure if this is a general issue or mine is flawed.
  4. crypticc

    crypticc New Member

    Unissued and reinstalled synapse. Seems to fix it for me
  5. sajeebroy

    sajeebroy New Member

    The camera issue seems to be an ongoing problem even though razer claims that they have never encountered this issue before. If I were you I would just get a refund and a dell xps or something, it's not worth going through the RMA process.

    Check these links out for other people who have had camera issues:

  6. Joikansai

    Joikansai Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    I thought dell xps 15 is great all around laptop, but they’re have their own issues, look at this, last pages seems worse issues they have on their latest model. And poeple who cares about web camera won’t get xps and who are gaming a lot won’t also get xps, it’s huge downgrade from even base model Blade 15.
    About camera issues it may be Software or drivers related, mine is fine even on latest 1.05 bios update.
  7. sajeebroy

    sajeebroy New Member

    To be honest most gamers don't even care about webcams, but if I am paying almost close to $2000 I would expect things to work when I need them. I believe you might have been at this situation at least once that you have never used a feature on your $2000 machine, but one day you need it, and it doesn't work, you now have to send the machine in for an RMA which takes forever, and that is your only machine, and you're left without a machine for as long as it takes razer to get the machine fixed. Even when they have fixed the machine, you do not expect them to create more problems than that was originally there, and now you have to send the machine back in for another RMA. I am not saying that this happens to everyone, but this does happen to a significant group of people.

    You rarely expect that from a $2000 machine, on top of that razer's customer support is a mixed bag. I have seen very few ordinary customers get the same level of support as for example say famous youtubers or people who are influential to brand publicity who have had their machines replaced within days of the issue along with sending them loads of goodies.

    I will give you the benefit of the doubt that people who game a lot should almost never consider buying an XPS due to their thermal limitations which throttle the CPU and GPU. But there are other options out there other than razer. To be honest I love the new blade 15 2018, but what I found really disappointing is that the webcam did not work the week I needed to do a software engineering interview. That was the first time I ever used the webcam, therefore, for all I know the machine could have been defective the day I got it. Almost all gamers are also people who need to use a laptop to get their work done and not just game all day. When you have one $2000 laptop that breaks after a couple of months of you using it, it is quite frustrating, I am sure you have been there.

    I don't think that the camera issue is a software related fix, if it was, then the people at those reddit posts would not have had to send in their laptops to razer through RMAs multiple times. At this point I should also mention that not all laptops with the 1.05 BIOS have this issue, I believe it affects a few group of people, and you seem to be one of the lucky ones whose 1.05 BIOS did not break their machines.
  8. Joikansai

    Joikansai Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    You get the point, xps isn’t Blade option for some. And if you use the camera especially for something formal like interview, it’s Not good choices. Yes there’s also other options on this categories nowadays, but they’re have also their own issues, name one I can show you happily. If bios update breaks the camera, software related issue is quite possible imo. It may some drivers crashed the webcam software. I never had experience yet on other laptops or mobile devices that manufacturer bios update broke some hardware, buggy it might be, but usually they addressed it if you report the bug.
    I understand that you want best experience on 2K purchase, not all users had that issues, 1060 advanced model user reported fine on 1.05 on that last link you. I did also reject on my late 2016 Blade when I found some potential issues, from build quality (QC is other things) there’s no other brand can be compared to Blade, once you get great machine and take care of it well, it’ll last way longer than other alternative laptops that you had in your mind. I experienced worse than web camera issues from other similar categories gaming laptop and within a month, and it doesn’t even worth 1,6K price tag which was even cheaper than Blade at that time.
  9. peejaru

    peejaru New Member

    The camera issue was resolved for me with bios 1.07 (2018 razer blade 15). If it's not already out by the time you read this, contact support to get a pre-release copy.
  10. Marujuana101

    Marujuana101 New Member

    how do you install that bios?
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