Razer Blade 15 Constant BSOD and Crashes

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by ArcadiaLKMD, Jul 30, 2019.

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  1. ArcadiaLKMD

    ArcadiaLKMD New Member

    I am having severe problems with my Razer Blade 15, I have had the laptop for 5 months now, purchased in March earlier this year. I rarely game on this laptop but I actively use it for music production and recording almost daily. I have not done anything malicious on the laptop that could cause any damage to the hardware or software.

    My specifications are as follows :
    Razer Blade 15 1060 2018
    16 GB Ram
    256 GB SSD
    2TB HDD
    GTX 1060

    Since I bought the laptop I have been having fan issues where it sounds as if the fan is hitting against something inside the laptop. This issue occurs from time to time but for the most part it only annoys me when recording audio in a studio.

    I have also been recently experiencing Wi-Fi issues for the past 2 weeks every now and again where the Wi-Fi adapter stops working. My ISP is not the issue here as the Wi-Fi works fine on other devices but now this morning I booted up the laptop and I got an instant BSOD. At first I was able to login to the laptop before it crashes but now I am unable to login at all.

    The laptop gets stuck in the boot page and non of the options available actually does anything when I hit the f keys. Whenever I get lucky and the laptop boots properly and I am able to login to windows, it crashes after about 5 minutes and automatic reboots into the bios, if I hit esc it simply closes the bios and reboots back into it. It keeps doing this until I turn it off and reboot after a few minutes.

    I have no idea what to do and it seems the only option and I have is to reset the laptop, I have tried anti virus scanners, system restores fail each time, system check also fails all other repair utilities built into the laptop also fails. If the reset doesn't work then I guess my only option is to send the laptop off to Razer.

    I honestly do not expect to have all these problems with a laptop that cost me £1600 after 5 months of ownership if anyone is facing this issue please post here in case there is some form of solution.

    Update : I am no longer able to boot up the laptop as it just gets stuck on the initial boot page non of the options available work either.
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  2. Mihaiedrisch

    Mihaiedrisch New Member

    I'm bumping all these threads to find out when exactly the Razer Blade 15 Advanced 2018 1070mq will be compatible with the 431.65 release for which the aforementioned model had its support pulled. I've been using 417.71 for almost half a year to prevent BSODs occurring. Very disappointing no Razer staff are addressing this other than on reddit.
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