Razer Blade 15 Mid 2021 - Touchpad clicking sound

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by dario.ayala, Oct 8, 2022.

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  1. dario.ayala

    dario.ayala New Member

    I'm having an issue with the touchpad / trackpad on my laptop. It performs a clicking noise even though the there is no actual click registering. I need to press further to actually activate the click. Computer is 8 months old.
    I opened the back to check the battery and did not see any bulging.

    This is a video showing exactly my issue, though it's not mine.

    Has anyone encountered this issue? Is there anything that I could do myself?

    Thanks fellas.
  2. dario.ayala

    dario.ayala New Member

    I decided to remove the back cover again to see what's up.
    I tried that yesterday and I couldn't see any issue. While the cover was off, I tried the touchpad and it seemed to start working normally. So I put the back-cover again. Then the problem came back immediately.

    Today I removed the back cover screws and began testing the touchpad. It started working normally again.

    I'm suspecting that maybe the screws were somehow too tight? Or something about the pressure?
    Not sure. I'm testing it now but so far it's working normally. Back cover is on but not screwed.
  3. Razer.Zionzedd

    Razer.Zionzedd Yes, My lord? Staff Member

    Hi dario.ayala,

    Sounds like the touchpad is loose. Please PM me the serial number so I can validate its model and proceed in starting a case so I can raise your concern to the relevant team for them to have a closer look at the trackpad noise.

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