Razer Blade 15 RTX 2060 thermal issue

Discussion in 'Systems' started by autoSAPPHIRECharmPink324, Mar 2, 2019.

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  1. I got the RTX 2060 model a week ago, the thermal is not as good as I learned from the online reviews, in which the CPU never hits 90 celsius and GPU usually gets 75 celsius. During stress tests and gaming, the CPU stays above 90 celcius and and GPU gets 80 celcius. Is this normal?
  2. Sometimes it can hit 100 and get thermal throttling. The area on two sides of the trackpad is too hot to put wrist on.
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    Undervolting cpu and use balanced mode, manual fans profile may also help? If your temperature reach 90 I won’t recommend gaming mode. Balanced mode limiting cpu watt to 25 or 35 instead 45 Watt plus minus but you don’t need Max cpu wattage to play games you’ll still get great FPS and it’s not hot but warm on those areas played BFV ultra 1080p half hours to check, Fans auto (manually to max may reduce it but I prefer quiter, and mid 80ish is fine temperature imo). Unfortunately 8750H in this thin cassis may run hot without tweaking and playing around with setting.
    Btw it’s no Blade 15 2018 not rtx one but should similar on cpu temperature.

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