Razer Blade 15 RTX 2060 thermal issue

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by autoSAPPHIRECharmPink324, Mar 2, 2019.

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  1. I got the RTX 2060 model a week ago, the thermal is not as good as I learned from the online reviews, in which the CPU never hits 90 celsius and GPU usually gets 75 celsius. During stress tests and gaming, the CPU stays above 90 Celsius and the GPU gets 80 Celsius. Is this normal?

    Sometimes it can hit 100 and get thermal throttling. The area on two sides of the trackpad is too hot to put wrist on.
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    Hi there! Let me look into this. What programs are you running when it gets hot? Running CPU intensive games or programs can cause periodic temperature spikes of the CPU. Also, please make sure there is enough clearance for the vents of the Blade. Let me know if you have any questions.
  3. This is a new laptop for just one week, no block in vents.
    For the stress test, I ran prime95 + FurMark for ten minutes, all cores can hit up to 95 Celsius, after a few minutes, the TDP went down to 35 W and then the CPU stays at about 89 Celsius. GPU stays at 81 Celsius. The same stress test, e.g. in NoteBookCheck 2070 model, only gets 80 average CPU and 75 average GPU. This over 10 degrees difference is too large.
    For games like Anthem, CPU keeps at 92-94 Celsius.
  4. The following is what I got after running Apex for less than 10 minutes.
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    There are a few things you can do to help with thermals:
    1) use a program like intel XTU [extreme tuning utility] to "undervolt" your processor. If you're not familiar with this I suggest checking out some YouTube videos regarding how this is done.

    2) Go into power options in control panel. Select Advanced options, processor power management, maximum processor % and lower it from 100 to 99%. This effectively disables turbo up-clocking, keeping the CPU at the stock all core frequency. Doesn't really effect games at all, though this WILL drop productivity tasks.

    3) Repaste the laptop. This involves a fair bit of hardware tech knowledge, and you should NEVER attempt this yourself if you're in any way uncomfortable with the procedure. Improper disassembly/reassembly and/or improper repasting could theoretically damage the laptop, and any resulting damage will NOT be covered under warranty. This poster posts this suggestion with the understanding that any actions taken are AT YOUR OWN RISK. You break it, your problem. [I hate living in an age when this much disclaimer is necessary]

    HOWEVER: with a bit of YouTube research it is a fairly uncomplicated procedure, and depending on the thermal paste used you can get your temps down 5-10c Fan curves being what they are, you may still hit millisecond peaks of 90c+, but average temps will be lower.

    The reason for this is: Manufacturers use lower grade thermal paste with a higher lifespan, as opposed to higher quality paste that may dry out/become less effective after a period of a year or three. I repasted my 2060 blade with Liquid metal [DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS IF YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU'RE DOING!] but my PEAK temps are down to 88c in a 70f [21.1c] room. Average temps are in the low 70s.

    Also, keep in mind that synthetic benchmarks are NOT representative of real world use, and the thermal throttling temp on the CPU is 100c, with tjMax being 105c [thermal shutdown temperature] 90c is hot, but typical for these units. 95c is hot, but typical for these units, and if the paste application isn't that great, even 99c spikes are within spec.
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