Razer Blade 15 RTX 2070 MaxQ SSD upgrade

Discussion in 'Systems' started by razingrage, May 18, 2019.


Which one?

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  1. Samsung 970 Evo Plus

  2. Adata XPG SX8200 Pro

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  3. WD Black SN750 Pro

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  4. Samsung 970 Pro

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  5. others.. (please mention)

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  1. razingrage

    razingrage New Member

    Hey guys, i would be ordering a new Razer Blade 15 2019. I saw the configurations and the maximum SSD storage is only 512GB. Personally I would not be storing too many games at a time but there is a good chance i would be needing an upgrade in the upcoming months, and here in Germany it makes more sense to just grab the 256GB and buy a new 1TB SSD anyway.

    I narrowed my choice to 4 options:
    Samsung 970 Evo Plus (1 TB)
    Adata XPG SX8200 Pro (1 TB)
    Western Digital Black SN750 NVMe (1 TB)
    and Samsung 970 Pro (1 TB)

    Now to give it some context: I wont be copying large (>100GB) files at a time so often, so sustained write/read speed is not something crucial but nice to have. and I saw Adata is more energy efficient: which is great, because i will use the unit for uni purposes as well.

    So which one do you guys think i should get for the best value/performance/usage ratio?

    *and i cant seem to find the guide for the case when i want to use the new ssd directly out of the box (which would make me have to install windows etc). can anyone post it here?

    hope this thread helps others too, cheers :)
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  2. Joikansai

    Joikansai Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    For your purpose I think 600p isn’t bad, I use mostly for gaming I would have bought it but found 1tb 970Evo for under €200 which most Blade users apparently use.
    Out of box you probably should install original one and make recovery from main system (to get all features that comes with original ssd) to put on usb boot drive and change the original.
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