Razer Blade 15. Success stories, or is that so bad?

Discussion in 'Systems' started by polosatiy, Jul 18, 2018.


Is that really so bad? Have you had any issues

  1. Yea, keep Macbook, it is safer

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  2. No, those guys just had bad experience

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  1. Giolon

    Giolon New Member

    Kind of, but not really. The Bluetooth crashing issue is resolved by updating to a newer version of Intel's bluetooth drivers (version 20.60 or newer), where the issue was actually listed in some of the updates' "resolved issues" patch notes. Unfortunately, the Atheris still has reconnection issues under the newer drivers, but at least the bluetooth stack doesn't crash. I eventually gave up and just started using the USB dongle. I filed support requests, but those have led nowhere. There's a thread on Atheris connection issues in the Support forum, but it's a bunch of different problems all under one umbrella thread with no resolution for this problem: https://insider.razer.com/index.php?threads/atheris-wont-re-connect.38147/
  2. Sonnyoi

    Sonnyoi Active Member

    I have a 2018 RB15 and no problems at all, there will be bad lemons out there and systems hitting 100c I would say changing the thermal paste will help fix that, maybe in the factory the paste was not installed correctly, who knows. or a few loose screws.
  3. misterg36

    misterg36 Active Member

    Same here, no issues with mine so far.

    TO be fair to Razer, at the moment pretty much ALL intel laptops overheat and hit the high 95+C It's not even a design problem, it seems to be an intel chip problem.

    I found not running in gaming mode really helps the Razer Blade, and combine that with undervolting and mine rarely gets above 85C - without thermal pasting
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  4. Sonnyoi

    Sonnyoi Active Member

    As a lot of users out there will not have the same heating issues I have replaced my paste with liquid metal and under vilted, 85c is the hottest I’ve seen it get just siting on a benchmark stress testing both cpu and gpu at the same time.
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  5. Joikansai

    Joikansai Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    I’m happy around 3 months usage because now I can do this on highest 1080p setting;)
    36F0FCEB-44D4-41E8-8390-67A9CE820257.jpeg 6CFD5D39-BE72-4E72-BD4A-69740C928F1D.jpeg
    And with help the core 4K highest...almost 60fps;)
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  6. imReqi

    imReqi Well-Known Member

    That's great. Is that with the RTX 2070 in the Core?

    Back to the thread, I haven't had any real problems with my Blade 15 since I purchased. I expected it to be hot, it's an Ultrabook with some decent hardware in it. Heat and fan noise are expected in my opinion when you buy a laptop designed this way.

    I will likely repaste and possibly undervolt just for the extra insurance, but most of the time I game it's on the laptop stand, with gaming mode and fans at max...and I don't notice much if any thermal throttling that way.

    I'm very happy with it.:smile_:
  7. Joikansai

    Joikansai Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    Rtx 2070 isn’t released yet it’s Asus Turbo 2080ti.
  8. Badgertista

    Badgertista Well-Known Member

    how long will you keep the "144hz" sticker on? lol

    So the first 2 pics were with the 1070 max-Q ?
  9. Joikansai

    Joikansai Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    It’ll be there forever as long as it with me, so I can remember the specs in next decade like this laptop:big_grin_:

    Yes that’s on Blade 15 pure power no core cheating :cool_:
  10. Badgertista

    Badgertista Well-Known Member

    I'm the exact opposite, I can't stand stickers on my laptops :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

    it's always one of the first thing I do: remove stickers -> clean up any residue with alcohol ;)

    I'm really leaning toward buying the new Blade ... but I have yet to convince myself that I *NEED* to upgrade. I just like to have new shiny toys :)
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  11. misterg36

    misterg36 Active Member

    It's a beautiful machine, but if you don't need to just yet, I would be tempted to wait for the Blade Pro refresh
  12. Badgertista

    Badgertista Well-Known Member

    The Blade Pro is too big for my needs. My current Blade 14 (2017) is my main work computer and I have to carry it around a lot, so the size of the Blade Pro 17" would be too big for me. But I could really use the 6C/12T of the new Blade 15 and the ability to upgrade to 32GB RAM ... and at the same time I can still do without it for a while

    So it's either :
    - get the Blade 15 now; it would help but it's not a do-or-die situation
    - wait and see what will be in the 2019 model, hoping that the 9th gen i7 Intel CPU will be easier to keep cool in a slim laptop

    I just hope we don't have to pay a 300-400$ extra once laptops manufacturers start using the Nvidia 20 series chips
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  13. Joikansai

    Joikansai Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    I’ll go second one new model is always better. We don’t see any news about mid range Turing gpu yet maybe on 2070 release. Pascal is better in terms power efficiency and price for performance so far than Turing due Ray Tracing core but this won’t be exist on midrange gpu so they won’t charge rtx on tax;) on Turing midrange imo, 1070maxq is still sweat spot for this thin light categories.
  14. Yekko1

    Yekko1 New Member

    I am absolutely happy with my razer blade 15 2018 and have had excellent customer support service from Razer. So, so far so good for me, the unibody, the precision pad, screen, battery life, keyboard, chroma, synapse software and the clean system without all the bloatware was a great start.

    I have been only purchasing Razar Naga (The very first, the 2014 and the Epic), so I've been around Razer for a while now and have been overall always satisfied, but also seen a nice evolution in their products, especially the Naga

    Back to the razer blade 15:

    Screen is incredibly fast and love the colors, the auto brightness from intel drivers had to be turned off because else I couldn't see a thing outside since it reduced the brightness automatically depending on the biggest group of color on your screen. I use multiple desktops in windows 10 and seamlessly transfer between them. Not a single hickup and so on. I have some backlight bleeding on the bottom of the screen, so if I have a full black picture it looks a bit like you would have in the old days Cinema/bioscope, but it is not of any annoyance and you need a black image for it. I barely notice it in movies, and nothing in gaming or production. Else nowhere else backlight bleeding.

    I did use throttlestop to reduce the thermal output and it runs also super silent as the cooling system barely run when I'm in production status. Gaming yea well that was expected to produce quite some noise from the cooling system. I do have to say I have the model where the vapor champer is still painted black so I have higher thermals compared to the newer models where they did not paint the vapor chamber black.
    But even with the reduction of the core frequency I have to say: this is an enjoyable machine to game on.

    Precision Trackpad:
    The precision trackpad is really great, the glass was an excellent choice and feels really really great: The reaction and seamless actions without a single stutter when using any of the precision trackpad gesture is brilliant. And the size as well is about just enough, bigger would be overkill, smaller would be annoying. For my hand size it is perfect and my palms do not touch the pad when typing but this can differ for each person.

    I did put a skin on the top side of my razer blade 15 from dbrand to protect the unibody and make the logo a bit more subtle. It took a bit to much attention from the people in my surroundings. Ironicall, when I covered it with the skin I got even more questions asking for the brand. The reason why I protected was because the unibody started to have white stripes from just paper that was next to it in my bag. I do miss the soft metal feeling the unibody has.
    The only thing that was a minor for me: The sharp edges of the unibody on the palm when using the precision trackpad. They are a bit to sharp for good comfort.
    Else very solid build quality, feels premium.
    Side note: I haven't put a skin on the lower part of the unibody because I think that the unibody contributes to the cooling of the device and a skin on the lower part could potentially reduce the unibody cooling effectiveness but that is just my 2 cent opinion

    Stunning, I love keys with very small keystrokes so this is personal pref. I do which it would be the same feeling as the levono thinkpad keyboards but hey you can't have it all.
    Chroma on the keyboard, is vibrant colors for now, lets see how quick the led deteriorate over time, since leds tend to shine a lot less powerfully quite quickly after lots of usages. It is hard to not use the backlight though.

    Quite good actually, it really had a good sound for being a laptop, compared to many others it is really solid. I used to have a laptop with Dynaudio and quality was also quite good. But yea of course don't expect home cinema quality. But relative to the thickness of the laptop and the fact that this is a laptop, even my partner was saying that it sounded really good for a laptop.

    For now I can easily run a good whole day on one battery charge but I do not have wear yet so lets see how much battery wear will affect the amount of time. Again it really depends on what you do while on battery but I easily managed 8 hours just surfing, mails and youtube. Around 7 hours with a movie continuously playing and surfing around. But don't forget I have the system undervolted and do not a single app that requires the 1070 to kick in.

    NOTE: playing videos on steam in full screen activates my 1070 max-q and keeps it activated until you completed close steam (in the taskbar aswell). I strongly recommend to activate the logo in your taskbar that tells you if the 1070 is in use or not. Something razer might need to think about to have a light somewhere that indicates that, Like the powerlight to for example remain on on green instead of blinking.

    Expensive? Yes, but I think this is actually really worth that price (in my opinion), my previous laptop cost was 1700 euros so this is a huge step up but damn my previous laptop survived for 6,5 years. I hope to hit the same with this blade.

    Reviews on the internet:
    There are quite a few good reviews on the internet but at the end it comes a lot to personal experience since every model will give different results depending on thermal being properly applied, screen installation and so on.


    To add a little extra to this review.
    I have undervolted the CPU by -130mV and the iGPU to -30mV. I did not undervolt the GPU.

    Last edited: Oct 14, 2018
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  15. lmunck

    lmunck New Member

    Can you share any details on how you did this? I'm fairly comfortable around PCs, but I haven't tried this before, and I'm sitting here going crazy over my RB15 sounding like an airplane as I'm just browsing the web.
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  16. misterg36

    misterg36 Active Member

    This is mine from another post, but has info on ThrottleStop (https://www.techpowerup.com/download/techpowerup-throttlestop/ ):
    There are 4 things you can do to improve cooling on the Blade:
    1. Undervolting (I recomment Throttlestop as you may need it below) - my cpu core and cache are at -140
    2. Dont use gaming mode - this keeps the cpu at 25w but has very little affect on frame rate
    3. Be aware air needs to come from underneath - so dont cover up the bottom/consider lifting the back a little
    4. Change the Turbo Ratio limits with throttlestop (I use 38,37,36,36,35,34 for 1->6 respectively)
    WIth this, I bearly hit 70c with an eGPU and the highest I've seen is the occasional 90c with some serious games

    Throttlestop stuff:
    • Ok, this looks scary, but hit the button that says FIVR
    • Click CPU Core - tick Unlock adjustable voltage -- > Set offset voltage to -50 (Test and increase in small units) - mine can hit -140 without crashing or locking up
    • Click CPU Cache - tick Unlock adjustable voltage -- > Set offset voltage to the same as above
    • Look Left at Turbo Ratio Limits (this made a huge difference for me with max temp)
      • try the numbers in 4 above

    There are ways to start this at boot, but I found it easier to just start it before I game - Also if you add it to the Nvidia Settings you can get the Blade to force the Nvidia GPU to get used when ever throttlestop is running
  17. Badgertista

    Badgertista Well-Known Member

    anyone took a shot at modding the BIOS yet? is it the same old BIOS as the previous Blade?

    So much easier to control the voltage and turbo straight from the BIOS
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  18. Joikansai

    Joikansai Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    Tried that didn’t work but some other users made it, he said there’s no improvement by moding the bios and a lot tweaking menu couldn’t be opened after changing to users from default. Maybe only bios direct undervolting will take advantage, since I don’t need aspm off;) anymore here, I didn’t try further. Rock solid stable on 210/700 afterburner, only on AC Odyssey I’ve to put it back on balanced mode or asking the core help, it’s fine actually playing with its dGPU on this game if you don’t care seeing red temperature values on HWINFO:big_grin_:
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  19. Yekko1

    Yekko1 New Member

    Like misterg36 mentioned you can get throttlestop from this website: https://www.techpowerup.com/download/techpowerup-throttlestop/

    Then here are screenshots of my configuration:

    So there are a few settings you need to adapt:
    1. On the Main screen (screenshot 1):
    Uncheck: Task Bar, like this the program won't show in the task bar like a normal program when minimised.
    Or set it up like it is mentioned on the screenshot 1. Then click save.

    2. FIVR (screenshot 2,3,4)
    - Select the CPU Core in the FIVR Control
    - Check the box: Unlock Adjustable Voltage
    - Go to the Offset Voltage, if the range is 125 mV you can change that to 250mV
    - Change the Offset Voltage to (lets start with) -50mV
    - Repeat this process for the CPU Cache
    - Same process of the CPU for the Intel GPU but start with maybe -15mV
    - Adjust the Turbo Ratio Limits as misterg36 said in previous reply or like I did on the screenshots (I'm a bit lower but the 3Dmark still gave me a 50% OC achievement... (no clue why))
    - Click on "OK - Save voltages immediately" then "OK" or "Apply" then "OK" (I don't think that matters)
    - The window will close
    - Now click again on Save in the main window of ThrottleStop (If it is not grayed out)
    - Click now on "Turn On" (note the icon on the right bottom side of the screen will turn red, which means it is active)
    - Repeat this whole process but this time reduce the voltage of all by a little bit more: example -55mV for both the Core and Cache and -16mV for iGPU. Then stress test again.
    - If all goes well during the stress test and the Blade doesn't crash then you can try to reduce the voltage again. It is a slow process but very rewarding.

    - It is highly recommended to perform stress tests every time you undervolt to a more agressive undervoltage.
    - If the computer crashes during the stresstest that means that the CPU has been to much undervolted.
    - The intel GPU should not be undervolted that much as of what I understood.
    - Stress test again (Use AIDA64 or 3Dmark)
    - If you want you can go a lot more lower in voltage than what I have or the way around as this depends really on the machine itself (poor or better job on thermals application by manufacturer etc)
    - Note ThrottleStop will not restart automatically unless you add it as a task with the highest priviledges follow this guide: http://forum.notebookreview.com/threads/the-throttlestop-guide.531329/#post-6865107
    - DO NOT: Undervolt way to much or you will simply not able to run the device at all.

    NOTE 2:
    - I started the process of undervolting at -100mV on the Core and Cache, and -20mV on the iGPU. I looked around on many people review and attempts on undervolting and concluded that it was a good voltage to start from. But of course it had a risk since I read one review where the person could only undervolt until -75mV.

    Screenshot 1:

    Screenshot 2:

    Screenshot 3:

    Screenshot 4:
    Last edited: Oct 19, 2018
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  20. Joikansai

    Joikansai Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    Nice throttlestop guide for anyone who want quite Blade. Razer should put this profile for users who want quite environment. You can make performance mode by letting the cores not so low limited, if there’s still temperature room, it won’t take advantage of having 8750H imo. On games or programs that doesn’t need cpu full works it’s fine but you’ll want full performance for programs that needs it. On simple xtu undervolting -130mV, any stress test only bring to low 80ish on gaming mode and balanced mode never touch 80ish same on gaming which I find is a fine temperature.
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