Razer Blade 17 Pro 2020 black screen

Discussion in 'Systems' started by pitha1337, Jul 20, 2020.

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  1. sergeantash

    sergeantash New Member

    Same here in Dedicated Graphics Mode, I've given up trying to solve it and now just use the NVidia Optimus mode, whereby both cards are enabled. I've already wasted enough time with this bl00dy laptop, can't be arsed to try and troubleshoot this one further.
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  2. TheParadyme

    TheParadyme New Member

    Have you tried installing Nvidia's drivers, version 452.06 ?

    Keeping it at that has worked for me, though every time I tried to update to a newer version starting to have issues again. Any newer version causes either black screen at hibernation, when attaching external monitor or such.
  3. armin68

    armin68 New Member

    Hi all, am i save to upgrade my 17"-2020 with bios 106 to Nvida 456.71 ?

  4. rjkrejci

    rjkrejci New Member

    Is there something in the newer drivers that you need? If not, I've advise against it if everything's working well. For me, I needed to go back to 452.06 to avoid black screen issues.
  5. armin68

    armin68 New Member

    Thank you @rjkrejci - i stick to the 452.06 - works fine so far - thx
  6. seanjmary

    seanjmary New Member

    Anyone try to 11/9/2020 driver 457.30? Just came out today but I've already had to revert twice. I am quite enjoying my laptop not freezing to permanent black screen every time it goes to sleep or a program dims the screen.
  7. seanjmary

    seanjmary New Member

    I'm still on 452.06 - our last working driver
  8. seanjmary

    seanjmary New Member

    What I meant was i've already had to revert twice and go through the hassle with past updates. I have not tried this new update from today.
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    COSMICFILMS New Member

    Is this still not fixed?... Are you serious Razer.
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  10. KingJam3s916

    KingJam3s916 New Member

    New Driver on 11/09 didn’t fix the black screen.
  11. Americo94134

    Americo94134 New Member

    the black screen is no longer once i updated the BIOS from your link. I had first installed the latest NVIDIDA driver from the GeForce Experience Desktop App and lost the screen functionality but used my hdmi port to plug into my tv. I read your post and it worked thank you so much.
  12. Schwaty

    Schwaty New Member

    soo... it says that I do not have the right version? Running the Razer Blade pro 17 model
  13. Americo94134

    Americo94134 New Member

    Take a photo of the bottom part of your Razer Blade Pro 17” laptop and make sure you match it with the correct link on the Razer Website. I found like two or three different versions of the 2019 Razer Blade Pro and had to match it using the underside of my laptop.

    COSMICFILMS New Member

    Does anyone know if the black screen is now fixed on the latest firmware and BIOS update?
  15. iamtonyjaa

    iamtonyjaa New Member

    I cannot make use of the above Razer updater. It cannot identify my blade pro 17 2020. Gotta seek help from Razer support and try to restore the Nvidia driver to 452.06. GOD bless me.
  16. GoTom14

    GoTom14 New Member

    This is still not fixed, I have the BIOS v1.04 and the latest Nvidia drivers and when on dedicated GPU and laptop goes to sleep, the screen doesnt wake up. Please fix this asap, this laptop is quite expensive to have an issue like this.
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  17. burbigo1

    burbigo1 New Member

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  18. dudepare01

    dudepare01 Active Member

    It should be 1.06 by now, check
  19. GoTom14

    GoTom14 New Member

    It is not, just checked. upload_2021-2-18_11-19-30.png
  20. dudepare01

    dudepare01 Active Member

    Sorry, I thought you had the 2020 model (which I have). I also had the blackscreen issue after waking up when on dedicated GPU so later BIOS updates fixed it.
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