Razer Blade 17 Pro 2020 black screen

Discussion in 'Systems' started by pitha1337, Jul 20, 2020.

  1. GoTom14

    GoTom14 New Member

    Come on Razer, if there is a new BIOS in plans, let us know, we are eagerly waiting for it!
  2. GoTom14

    GoTom14 New Member

    Hi good people of Razer, any news on this issue?
  3. GoTom14

    GoTom14 New Member

    Update, with latest Nvidia drivers I cannot use dedicated GPU at all, my screen, after the boot up sequence, doesnt light up at all.
  4. Hryniek

    Hryniek New Member

    Same here - got new blade yesterday with RTX 3070 - I tried to switch on it via Synapse, and after razer logo only the darkness... and then hard reset, back to bios and activated Optimus.
  5. bumpyclock

    bumpyclock New Member

    Same here. Got the new blade with 3070, can't use the high refresh rate because all I get is the black screen on boot.
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