Razer Blade 2016 "14 Power Issues

Discussion in 'Systems' started by leafoflegend, Jul 8, 2016.

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  1. leafoflegend

    leafoflegend New Member

    Hey Razer people!

    My battery level shows "plugged in, not charging". None of the software type fixes Ive used work, and nothing significant occured with my computer when I noticed this. It was used for basic web browsing last night. Ive owned it for only a month!

    Anybody else have this issue? Figure out a fix?

    Im using it for school and cant afford to not have a computer right now and really need this fixed. Pretty pissed for the money I paid for this to happen. I reached out to Razer Support but havent heard back. Shopping around the forums I feel hopeful that its just the power brick (thats what it sounds like and I hope it is!).

    Any help would be appreciated and Razer please help me out here! Im a walking advertisement for you guys at a programming boot camp full of gamers. It doesnt get much better then me for your marketing! I really want to love this computer. I love everything when it works, but this is very annoying (especially for the price and considering you dont even offer extended warranties in the US which is more and more alarming).
  2. SeaBlueurbanbase835

    SeaBlueurbanbase835 New Member

    What percentage is your battery on when it doesn't charge?
    Mine does this sometimes at 99 or 98% which I'm assuming is so it doesn't overcharge the batteries.
  3. Same thing happens to me what Pez said. I fixed mine by just unplugging it and letting it drain the battery a little. Then when you plug it back in it should charge to 100%.

    KNOXGAMING New Member

  5. leafoflegend

    leafoflegend New Member

    Yeah, it can drop as low as 90% sometimes. I reached out to Razer Support and they have a new power adapter on the way. Hopefully that is the fix - I just find not being able to be at 100% all the time on a laptop this nice a strange and concerning thing... Love everything else and I hope it really is just the adapter!
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