Razer Blade 2016 bluetooth gone?

Discussion in 'Systems' started by zacbaum, Jun 4, 2016.

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  1. ZaffreJEThit465

    ZaffreJEThit465 New Member

    Hi everyone,

    Looking to see if anyone here has had the same issue as me before contacting razer to see what they say to do...

    While using my Blade 2016, suddenly the bluetooth cut out and stopped working altogether. I've tried reinstalling the drivers, to no avail. The bluetooth panel of the device manager is also gone, and from the action center as well. There is no longer a bluetooth icon on the icon toolbar on the dock.

    If anyone has any ideas what to try next.... Let me know!

  2. JETcoolCoolBlack681

    JETcoolCoolBlack681 Active Member

    Check device manager if you did not do it yet. Is your WiFi still working?
  3. ZaffreJEThit465

    ZaffreJEThit465 New Member

    Wifi still works, i've tried uninstalling wifi drivers and reinstalling them. Bluetooth doesn't show up in the device manager.
  4. gaykob7

    gaykob7 Well-Known Member

    You could try to set the system back to factory setting,
  5. ZaffreJEThit465

    ZaffreJEThit465 New Member

    Going to try and in-place upgrade -- reinstalling windows without changing any other files.

    Don't want to have to redownload and reinstall everything I just put on the computer about a week ago... Took days.

    EDIT: Windows reinstall didn't help... Any ideas are greatly appreciated!
    Last edited: Jun 5, 2016
  6. banjoeball

    banjoeball New Member

    Wow this just happened to me too.
    I was working on a time-sensitive project and my Bluetooth mouse just stopped working. I've reinstalled the bluetooth drivers to no avail. There is no indication that there was ever any BT module installed, no toggle in quick settings, no bluetooth module in the Device manager. WTF?
  7. ZaffreJEThit465

    ZaffreJEThit465 New Member

    Pretty much exactly what happened to me...

    Still nothing from support -- emailed them last night. Probably won't hear from them until the workweek as it is Sunday.
  8. banjoeball

    banjoeball New Member

    OK managed to get it back working. SO HAPPY IT'S NOT HARDWARE RELATED.
    I did roll back & reinstall the last insider preview update, but I don't think that's what did it. I know you tried reinstalling the bluetooth drivers, but download the Killer Wireless drivers from the Razer Drivers Section. These often contain bluetooth stuff too.
    I installed & selected "Modify", selected everything (Including 'old version detected'),
    restarted and all of the bluetooth stuff was back & my mouse was working.
    Good luck - let me know if it worked!
  9. ZaffreJEThit465

    ZaffreJEThit465 New Member

    Going to give the wireless drivers a try! Thanks for the tip, wouldn't have thought to do that. Will let you know if it worked!

    EDIT: That didn't do it, going to try reinstalling bluetooth drivers again... -- That also didn't help.

    Not sure why this worked but for anyone else who wants to try something before restoring their windows install: create a bootable linux USB and connect something to bluetooth there, head back to windows and bluetooth came back?!
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  10. fastDesirewatch998

    fastDesirewatch998 New Member

    Same problem. Apparently it's the Killer Wifi/Bluetooth hardware... people are having same problems with other brand's laptops that have the same network card. Very bad choice on Razer's part - standard Intel Wifi/Bluetooth hardware is much more reliable.

    Hope they work with Killer to fix this stuff...
  11. This kept happening to my first laptop. Bluetooth would hiccup occasionally and eventually just died (wifi okay). Razer sent me a replacement laptop.

    Everything was going okay until earlier this week where mouse hiccuped occasionally.. and today guess what happened. Bluetooth adapter is gone again.
  12. andrewisley

    andrewisley New Member

    This same problem happened to me today. My bluetooth mouse just stopped working mid movement, and all my Bluetooth options disappeared. Has anyone come to a solution?
  13. I believe this is killern hardware related. this is my second laptop with this problem so i'm waiting for a reply from razer support - which was pretty good the first time around.
  14. andrewisley

    andrewisley New Member

    I contacted support today. I'll post anything when they get back to me.

    Support got back to me today and sent me the following link:

    It didn't fix the problem, but I wanted to update the thread for anyone still concerned about this problem.

    I started the next step and they're sending my issue to the service team.
    Last edited: Jul 21, 2016
  15. Deathalo

    Deathalo Active Member

    Slightly disconcerting if a lot of people are suddenly having issues with the bluetooth, maybe a bad windows update?
  16. andrewisley

    andrewisley New Member

    Final update: After a few calls and a few emails and a complete factory restore, I'm going to have to send my laptop in to the service center.

    No luck.
  17. I've already gone through all this before... this second time around, razer support isn't making any sense. They are saying I must have a incompatible mouse that doesnt work with the killerN driver. What mouse should i use? My razer orochi won't even work. No bluetooth devices will work if the adapter isn't being recognized at all.
  18. fastDesirewatch998

    fastDesirewatch998 New Member

    See my message above - Killer network card is responsible (in combination with Windows drivers). Other manufacturer's laptops that have the same network card have the same problem.

    All we can do is apply pressure on Razer to RECOGNIZE that it's not a one-off problem, and Razer in turn can apply pressure on Killer, their supplier, to fix their hardware and Windows drivers.

    Razer still thinks it's a one-off issue, not something systemic and they keep replacing laptops with new ones, which still have the same problem (for anyone making heavy use of bluetooth devices - mouse, headphones, etc).
  19. Yes my razer support representative now seems to be urging me to go to Killer for support with this issue... we'll see how that plays out but that is not acceptable. My bluetooth adapter came back so this seems to be an intermittent issue.

    I know it is still an issue and seems to be related to gaming/heat. I have not played any games in the last few days but today when i played overwatch my bluetooth adapter hiccuped for a few seconds. I am going to keep a log/eye on it... but I am not quite sure what will happen. I love my razer laptop, but not having bluetooth is not acceptable. a faulty bluetooth connection is even more annoying.
  20. andrewisley

    andrewisley New Member

    My Bluetooth came back today also. I was just about to send my laptop in (I have the shipping slip and everything), and boom, out of no where, bluetooth options show up in Devices and Device Manager.
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