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Razer Blade (2016) bricked? Only fan at 100% and pulsing green light

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by SanNuvola, Jul 5, 2020.

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  1. SanNuvola

    SanNuvola New Member

    Hello, I hope this is the correct section. Razer support redirected me here saying this product is already out of their support range.

    Long story short, my Razer Blade (2016) was idling, then I heard the fans go to 100% and suddenly turn off. When I got to the laptop, I smelled something burnt for a second, and when I tried to power it on it would just turn the fans on at max speed, with the laptop light green and pulsating slowly. The charger seems in good shape (green light, not hot), but when I plug it in, the laptop doesn't seem to be charging (no led light). Is this a known issue or, as I suspect from the signs, the motherboard fried? I already had this laptop go to support once, and changed the battery a year ago. Been treating it like a jewel, really not impressed with the hardware problems & lack of support after only 3 years.
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