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Razer Blade 2016 GTX 1060 (Benchmarks)

Discussion in 'Systems' started by technokat, Oct 9, 2016.

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  1. Does it void the MS Store warranty? The person at the MS store told me it did not for the MSI laptop.
  2. rou6e

    rou6e New Member

    I m doing bench, before / after tweak on laptop.
    One of them is to bench with "SSD 256 stock" vs "SSD 512 960 Evo".

    Gonna try to do it tonight or tomorrow.
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  3. sharpCornville559

    sharpCornville559 New Member

    9359 with Geforce experience uninstalled which didn't seem to make any difference as I nailed a 9350 just before uninstalling it as well. The network manager wasn't installed to begin with looks like.

    I'm sorry to say as well that, I'm also experiencing battery drain during high usage scenarios while plugged in.

    While playing just about any game I have really, Total war, battle front, Tomb raider; I experience around 5% drain per hour it seems.

    I hooked my system up to a killawat and, even under intense loading where I see drain, the total power draw is only ever 135-138W, which, isn't quite the input demand of a 100W GPU and 45W TDP processor, not counting the display, mainboard, peripherals and other bits that makeup a laptop.

    I've also been able to duplicate this with 4 prime95 threads running alongside a furmark bench and, I can litertally see the battery drain (through HW monitor) just a few seconds into the tests running parallel, yet, the power draw from the kilowatt stays a constant 138W. It looks like it's averaging about 20mwh every 6 seconds which means in 58minuites of use, the battery would be completely drained. Interestingly, running 8 threads it actually slowed down to around 10mhw every 10 seconds, I presume because of throttling, I'd have to pay attention to clock speeds next time to find out.

    At this point it's probably the undersized brick as this is right around the (probable) efficiency of the brick Razer is using (84% to be exact)

    I'm not too sure what to do at this point, I'm in love with every part of this machine but it sort of just tickles a pet peeve of mine.
    To be clear as well, Razer isn't the only manufacturer that suffers (intentional or accidental) from this situation, Asus and Alienware machines also have (or have had) the same exact scenarios and, considering the portability of the Blade and it's brick, I can see this as being an intentional design versus a mixup or bad Hardware. I don't fault them but, I'm not sure I'm comfortable with it either. I would have been happy to make a compromise on brick size.
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  4. could you try using a different brick? see if it makes any difference?
  5. sharpCornville559

    sharpCornville559 New Member

    I do actually have two bricks.

    Just ran it on the kitchen powerbrick and scored 9433, with GeForce experience installed.

    edit; just to verify I re-ran it on the other brick and hit a 9392 which is close enough I'd say to be within run to run variances.

    here's the awesomesauce run from before;
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  6. Badgertista

    Badgertista Well-Known Member

    I'm planning on getting the 256gb model and replacing it with the 960 EVO 1tb.

    The 850 EVO is M.2 SATA and is not compatible. The Blade uses M.2 NVME.

    I don't know why so many people thinks that. NO it does not. IF you break something you won't be covered, but just replacing the SSD won't void the warranty.

    Of course, you have to keep the original if you ever need to RMA.
  7. Awesome info thanks! Are there any 1TB m.2 NVME drives you recommend that are not as expensive as the 960Pro?
  8. rou6e

    rou6e New Member

    1to 960 evo

    ~200e cheaper for approximative perfs
  9. yea I guess its worth it then for me to wait and get the 1TB version. It will be more to get the lower version and add on the 1TB SSD.
  10. chhappy7

    chhappy7 Member

    It does not. Got a 970m 2016 Blade at Microsoft Store, was still able to get my laptop replaced even after replacing the SSD, they even took out the one I put in and put the original one back in at the store for me, gave me back the SSD I put in, and I was on my merry way with my own SSD and a brand spanking new 2016 Razer Blade FHD with 1060.
  11. I find that interesting too because someones firestrike score in this thread I think they showed firestrike reported as g-sync being turn on.
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  12. What kind of adapter are you using? TB3 is Displayport 1.2 compliant so it should work. I don't know about gSync, but higher than 60hz should be possible.

    I'm trying to figure this out too as I have a 100hz monitor I want to use, but through HDMI it's capped at 60hz.
  13. rou6e

    rou6e New Member

    I agree.. I did research before i bought laptop and adapter.. Read from multiple sources that it would be possible. Even mailed Razer support who said that should work..
    The thing is, I'm not sure that the 1060 will output throught TB / DP. I fear that it could be the integrated GPU which will handle display on TB / DP..

    This is what I bought : https://www.amazon.fr/gp/product/B01AI0R96E/

    Screen is not detected by Laptop. I didn't give up yet.
    I just plug my new hdd, I have a lot to do for now, so I will investigate later.

    Plz, if you find a work around, don't forget about me :)


    Stock 256go :
    Read 1565 mo/s
    Write 308 mo/s

    Samsung 960 Evo 512 go (https://shop.hardware.fr/fiche/AR201610060095.html)
    Read 3325 mo/s
    Write 1697 mo/s


    Change SSD : 2min chrono, easy as hell.
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  14. Badgertista

    Badgertista Well-Known Member

    It might just be a defective adapter. Do you or someone you know have another computer you can test it on?

    Any other peripheral you can test to see if the TB3 port is defective on the laptop?
  15. High refresh works over display port w/adapter. Your adapter looks okay but hard to know. I am using a "Belinda" one. I run at 2560x1440x144Hz (but no gsync of course).

    Make sure your monitor is already in display port mode (turn off power save/sleep in your monitor if you can) and then connect to the blade.

    Only issues I have had are a few times where the monitor blanked out ... not in normal use, like when waking from sleep ... and I reconnected the adapter to fix. Well, older Intel 530 driver gave occasional blue screens when changing resolution/refresh so update that one.

    Has anyone tried the new Intel HD 530 driver x.x.x.4552 ?
  16. The_Bluffeur

    The_Bluffeur New Member

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  17. rou6e

    rou6e New Member

  18. Yep, just confirming that I am typing this using the belinda adapter in that link on my Razer Blade 1060 QHD+ on external monitor 2560x1440x144Hz.
  19. Are you positive that one works?

    I was about to make the plunge for this one

    As it's actually a thunderbolt 3 adapater as opposed to a USB 3.1. But if I can save some cash to get 144hz out of that port I'll buy that one instead.
  20. Ochrethinkshare843

    Ochrethinkshare843 New Member

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