Razer Blade 2016 GTX 1060 (Benchmarks)

Discussion in 'Systems' started by technokat, Oct 9, 2016.

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  1. fer.geraci

    fer.geraci Active Member

    Yes thats ok, as long as the performance's there. There nothing there that I pick up as different yet your cpu performs above average.

    Check if you have any TS service running or something cause if that is the case, and (for some extremly obscure) reason the undervolt is responsible, you basically found the cure for the CPU problem.

    Now you need to deal with the below 11k graphics score and thats it... If the laptop maintains good temps and such, you are golden


    Please check that one out if you havent yet. Apparently this is the case.. ubdervolting does ramp up cpu performance
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  2. Partial list, mostly windows stuff, some just my prefs:
    - All windows updates
    - Intel HD 530 driver from Intel website
    - Nvidia driver from Nvidia
    - DeviceManager/Bluetooth/Atheros/PowerMgmt uncheck "Allow the computer to turn off.."
    - Windows/AdvancedSettings/Performance Set fixed size paging file
    - Windows/AdvancedSettings/Performance Select Background services/Apply then Programs/Apply (this resets a registry value for CPU to prefer foreground)
    - Disable Hibernation
    - Disable Cortana
    - Disable Windows Search and delete index
    - Windows Power Options, config/check high performance profile
    - HD 530 settings config/check power settings
    - Nvidia settings: prefer high-performance card, single monitor display mode, maximum performance power settings, PhysX to GTX 1060
    - Disable geforce exp battery boost ( > 30fps on battery )
    - Delete geforce exp
    - Download killer drivers only, uninstall killer, reinstall drivers only
    - Download uplay and get all the free Ubi 30 games this weekend
    - Update Razer synapse
    - Install Razer's EC4.00 embedded controller update
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  3. JLP209

    JLP209 Active Member

    Hmm. I'm tempted to just reinstall Windows and see what happens. I checked all processes etc., nothing TS related is running.
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  4. fer.geraci

    fer.geraci Active Member



    I just checked it in my own machine and the results are CRAZY. My score went up high drastically... you found a way to make the CPU be awesome. I just learnt that by undervoltaging the CPU, it overclocks indirectly.

    What you did in Throttlestop was to select "OK Save voltages after throttlestop exits"

    I don't believe udervolting -40 does much, still you get the same results with -10mv. You cannot break hardware by undervolting it as long as the CU doesn't get too stressed under load.

    @Firebat246 will like this one.

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  5. I just got my Blade this past Tuesday. QHD+, 1060, 256GB.
    3dMark FireStrike scores pretty consistently ~8670. So I checked and they shipped me a weirdly old SN: BY1646A17*** with EC v 2.0. I updated that to EC 4.0 (I thought they started shipping with the update back in Oct?). No noticeable change in score. I'll keep poking at settings here, but out of the box, it seems to need some attention. As I understand it, that's a poor score for the HW that's in this laptop. What are other people getting with out-of-the-box settings?
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  6. JLP209

    JLP209 Active Member

    I ended up just resetting the Blade and re-installed Windows. Installed the latest Nvidia and Intel graphics drivers direct from Nvidia and Intel sites. Re-ran Firestrike and I'm still getting the same results, so it must be the latest Intel graphics drivers that are helping CPU performance somehow?

    Completely stock settings: overall score 9151, physics 9609, graphics 10,822. So I can't take credit for bumping the CPU performance through undervolting, haha. It must be driver related.

  7. fer.geraci

    fer.geraci Active Member

    I dont think so man. I did the undervolt and i am getting ridiculously high scores in physics. It's gotta be that... It stuck?
  8. JLP209

    JLP209 Active Member

    I wiped my SSD using the recovery feature in the Blade and reinstalled Windows. Can TS settings survive a system wipe and reinstall of Windows? I'm so interested to see what other people here are getting. The graphics drivers on Intel + Nvidia site are newer than the ones on Razer's own site that was just updated 2 days ago.

    With undervolting your CPU, what are you getting now with your MSI??
  9. fer.geraci

    fer.geraci Active Member

    I was getting 9.3 - 9.4 on the CPU, now, with only undervolting -10mv... no OC on the GPU, otherwise I get like +10k easily .. with 50 on the clock I get ~10080


    Now talking seriously, putting aside all gaming, i do many cpu-intense work on a daily basis and this is extremely useful found. I truly appreciate it.
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  10. JLP209

    JLP209 Active Member

    Nice results! Glad your laptop got a nice boost.
  11. my blade qhd+ with gtx1060 arrived with HD530 Driver Version: Which is newer than Razer offers on their site. Any ideas if that makes sense? I put in a ticket on the Razer support site, hopefully they'll start shipping with the driver they recommend.

    Anyway, I'm updating to latest non-beta (4542) and we'll see how that goes.
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  12. Firebat246

    Firebat246 The One

    Very interesting seeing those physics scores... but what is even more interesting is it's looking like your gpu performance and combined score is struggling. You beat my physics score by 300 but had a worse combined and GPU score.

    Ok well I am gonna try this.. it has peaked my interest. Even though my CPU does not throttle.. maybe it just keeps it at a higher clock overall. Id need to see it in games more than just a benchmark.
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  13. Mine is do exactly the same 8600 scores after EC update was 6000 before running games like a dog I was expecting it to give my GTX980 desktop a run for its money not even close :slightly_sad:
  14. realsmurf

    realsmurf Member

  15. fer.geraci

    fer.geraci Active Member

  16. No TS (unless it somehow lingered from a long time ago). Ran just after boot this am. Hdmi offloads the cpu I guess. I "feel" like the scores shift around between physics/graphics but idk. Cherry pick best was 9931 with same drivers OC +210 +400 (edit: extHdmi)
  17. fer.geraci

    fer.geraci Active Member

    Mighty results right there with the OC'ing on.
    Have you ever undervoltaged the CPU before with TS? If you haven't done it, I don't think it still remains. 9.7 for the CPU is really good without that trick.

    Now how's your gaming? do you get any PROCHOT or weird CPU signals? I assume BF1 runs smooth as butter now without any stuttering, right?
  18. Thank you
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