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Razer Blade 2016 GTX 1060 (Benchmarks)

Discussion in 'Systems' started by technokat, Oct 9, 2016.

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  1. BladeEntity

    BladeEntity New Member

    So I just checked my PC while gaming, I believe in other to protect the battery from over charging, the Blade discharges to below 95% then begins charging again.
  2. So the EC 4.0 fix did not completely fix the CPU power issue? It just stopped the ridiculously quick BD PROCHOT from triggering when it wasn't even getting hot?
  3. MCG181

    MCG181 New Member

    I'm still watching this thread......96 pages.....20-50 step guide and even razer update.....still no fix for most users. Wake up and ditch that aluminum black brick, like I did. Get an MSI or gigabyte and be completely happy.
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  4. I honestly don't think it's possible to achieve that score with the blade.
    The best i've gotton was 9700, and that was with the OC (all beit that i didnt know was still applied :slightly_sad: )
    Looks like thats about as best as i can get it, it wont really OC any further.

    Don't get me wrong thou, i love this Machine, and that score 100% does what i need it to do and the power I was looking for, but I can see why some that are buying for VR perhaps demand the higher scores.
    Just depends on your usecase i guess, but even after the EC4.0 fix, that only really solved super terrible performance it does seem that its undertuned in relation to its 1060 brothers
  5. Agreed with their performances. However i cannot agreed with their plastic body.. Kinda aluminium addict i think..

    It looks bad if the battery is always charging wile gaming. It definitely affects the battery in a bad way. Also seems abnormal that it discharges below 90%.. :slightly_sad:
    These concerns are all based on my experiences with previous Blades which were all has charger/power problems that ended with its death. (2014, 2015 Blades. RIP)
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  6. On a side note, anybody have the mouse cursor just stop moving when switching wallpapers?

    I think it's a GPU switching problem, like it doesn't know what's the right GPU to use.

    Also getting a weird CPU coil whine when moving the mouse.

    Just trying to iron out all the bugs in this thing.
  7. Coil whine - most of time.
    Mouse curser stops every few seconds right after the laptop turns on. Symptom disappears after few minuites. :)
  8. Mine doesn't disappear, the cursor just won't move for like two seconds after I do certain things like changing wallpaper.

    The thing is, If I go into nvidia control center and switch GPU from auto to the 1060, then reset, it works fine as far as I can tell.

  9. That's weird. I thought that the freezing happens due to SSD reading. It maybe a GPU thing.. I see..
  10. personalife

    personalife Member

    Now having problems where the AC adapter is getting disconnected randomly during intense gaming. I think it's related to the EC update since this was not happening before.
  11. And the FPS are dropping? would you try set the screen brightness to zero when uses battery power on the power management settings on windows?
    It will show you when exactly the AC power is disconnecting more clearly. The screen will dimmed when it happens.
  12. Dat1224

    Dat1224 Member

    No what i see is it go down to 93% then keep charging at 93%.... And of course i know it hover around 96-100% without charging but the problem is it keep showing it charging so i feared for my battery life.
  13. personalife

    personalife Member

    I'm using the ext monitor with the laptop screen off. I didn't notice FPS drops though, but I think it's because I noticed it before a match would start and would disconnect the AC and reconnect.

    Edit: I realized my first post on this contradicts this response - I'll retract the intense gaming part. It happened before a HOTS match started like during loading screen.
    Last edited: Nov 29, 2016
  14. Dat1224

    Dat1224 Member

    Oh btw it not working on batter since i never saw my screen dim (50% brightness on battery or fps drop ( constantly 60 with V-sync ). Contacted support they said uninstall Microsoft battery control and let it full charge over night then use all of it then to full charge again, won't fix. Try to do system recovery won't fix ( as they suggest ).After system recovery EC still @ 4.0. So i guess it the problem with EC update. All i have done after recovery is install WinRAR, McAfee, IDM. ( and of course install steam and some game )
  15. Dat1224

    Dat1224 Member

    Guy i may found the solution here brb after a dota game.
  16. Dat1224

    Dat1224 Member

    Oops guess i was wrong what i did didn't fix the issue... Welp w8ing for razer to reply my email then.
  17. fer.geraci

    fer.geraci Active Member

    this is so, so, so disheartening......

    Dude, I keep reading about people having problems with previous blades as wells... seriously what's going here...

    So did the fix fixed something or not? Someone reported stock scores over 9.5k after the fix, right?
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  18. Seems like the fix only fixed BDPROCHOT from activating, so we dont have to use throttlestop anymore, but still needs to be OC'd from what I've seen
  19. razvanilin

    razvanilin Member

    Do you guys have issues with the fan being always on (not just barely on) after the new EC update? Mine is set to Quiet Mode in Synapse and still makes quite a bit of noise even if I don't have any applications open.
  20. fer.geraci

    fer.geraci Active Member

    Try uninstalling synapse, resetting the power profile in balanced such that tge cooling policy is on passive when unplugged (to compare with plugged) and see if you note any difference... Synapse can be installed back easily.
    If the fan behaves the same then is the controller otherwise synapse having fun w you psyche.
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