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Razer Blade 2016 GTX 1060 (Benchmarks)

Discussion in 'Systems' started by technokat, Oct 9, 2016.

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  1. Firebat246

    Firebat246 The One Staff Member

    Just an update after playing WoW for 3 hours. My battery is still at 100%. My performance is good without the need of TS anymore. I am going to try some other games... but since WoW stresses both the CPU and GPU I thought it would be a great place to start.
  2. Windows power options: high performance

    Nvidia settings:
    tab1- click use my prefs and slide to performance
    tab2- pref graphics processor: high-performance NVIDIA processor
    tab3- PhysX GeForce GTX 1060

    Intel HD:
    Center Image checked, override application settings checked
    plugged in- Max Perf
    on battery: Max Perf, panel self-refresh enabled, display power saving disabled

    Throttlestop: uncheck bd prochot
    MSI settings: +185/+400 constant voltage set

    single display mode (laptop screen is off)
    external display via display port

    same setup on internal display

    Running like this has a black border around the centered 1920x1080 image.

    Also the laptop was charging. Later I did a spot check on that but couldn't see that charging vs full mattered.

    Same old OC settings but they must need changing. Stock runs look better ... e.g. a 9310 stock run has smooth CPU >3GHz vs OC runs which have CPU :heart:GHz..

    In firestrike results "settings", I don't understand why it says gsync is enabled.
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  3. uh, that was supposed to say < less-than 3 GHz. But the heart symbol works, I guess.
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  4. Thanks for this!

    How are you running the DisplayPort? I mean which adapter are you using? I want to run my blade to my monitor displaypaort too. Also, if it's through thunder bolt, can you get anything higher than 60hz? (If you monitor supports it.) Thanks!
  5. futuresleekIvory485

    futuresleekIvory485 New Member

    All of these posts make me think that $2400 is one expensive lottery ticket.
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  6. Dat1224

    Dat1224 Member

    Played GTA V for 3-4hrs, my blade drop to 65%.....
  7. Man you should replace ur power brick with new one. Razer definitely would provide that.
  8. Dat1224

    Dat1224 Member

    So this is the charger problem?
  9. fer.geraci

    fer.geraci Active Member

    That really, really sucks. Do you happen to have a 180w AC to try out? Maybe be if you will do extended gaming periods you can use a bigger AC and then the razer thingy on the move.

    I know.. more money right? .... are they adding a touch bar and changing to AMD next iteration?
  10. coveheadTuscan979

    coveheadTuscan979 New Member

    Finally received my blade, as well (Austria), did some benchmarks with firestrike, and oob I got 9250, with new ec4.0, TS and oc (150/350) I got ~9500. Generally, Im really happy with the overall build quality, razer has done a very good job imo! Congrats to razer for that, its a really nice machine (never mind the 2k...)!!!

    Yeah I got the same "problem", as far as it can be seen as a problem. My fans are running loud all the time. Doesnt matter if im browsing or doing something else (like just sitting infront of my blade). Having everything on minimum (TS UC -50mV on core and cache -40mV n iGPU, boost disabled, windows on energy saving...running on ~900MHz, done like in the post some pages back that was about how to get the most out of your battery with TS tweaks). ->> Theyre still running as loud/fast. I mean, my system is on 27/31°C right now?! Thats cool to the touch. I guess Id be happy with 40 or 50°C and fans running half as fast.

    As far as my battery life is concerned, thats one thing Im also pretty happy with. I have BatteryBar installed, and with all the settings on minimum (as described above) it runs on -12W. I got it down to -7, but Id say average is something around 10 to 15, so that would be about ~5 to 6 hours.

    Whats a big turn-off for me, though, is the fan-noise... Im siting in my bed while typing this, and its so annoying. Are there no programs out there where I can control fan speed? googled a bit, and installed FanSpeed on my desktop, but that doesnt change anything.. That noise is going to be a reason why I would want to return my blade:slightly_sad: I dont care about 9,0 or 9,9 FS score, for me its about the noise right nowxD
  11. Yes I use 144Hz over usb-c/displayport. Search this for the adapter I use "belinda usb 3.1 type-c displayport adapter".

    On the old 530 driver I got 4-5 VIDEO_SCHEDULER_INTERNAL_ERROR crashes. On the new driver none but I have seen 3 times that the signal to the monitor dropped out (related to switching around the display settings when benchmarking). Unplug-replug fixed those.
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  12. Badgertista

    Badgertista Well-Known Member

    Well actually Razer admitted that the first batch was bad and that all the other ones (starting from a specific serial #) were OK

    Same lottery as MSI, Dell, Alienware, Apple, etc ... even the new MacBook Pro, from Apple, the company that some here seems to say is #1 in the world, has GPU problems. I still don't consider it to be a 4000$ lottery ticket.
  13. vistar

    vistar Active Member

    I will be getting my first RB by Friday when I arrive in the US, but since I live in Brazil and I like would like to have an extra charger, I am thinking about getting a 180watt charger for home use....what charger should I get? Does the one for GT60, 70 work? Thanks a lot.
  14. fer.geraci

    fer.geraci Active Member

    19.5v @ 9.33A will do... Regular 180w. Dont go cheap. DO NOT GO CHEAP ON IT and make sure the polarization (in/out) are correct. Easy to find.
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  15. fer.geraci

    fer.geraci Active Member

    Hello @Badgertista what are your benchmarks scores after the EC fix on your RB w GTX 1060? Are you still getting any stutter? I haven't seen you posting anything benchmark related on this thread... you might want to contribute to this thread instead, not saying you should, but just to save you time. You don't need to lobby nor convince anyone that what they think is not quite right or product of misinterpretation.

    I believe that what @Yuli said is pretty accurate considering the variance between scores after doing this and that and the fact that you will not know which type of unit (from which batch) you will receive upon delivery... so far there were two people reporting acceptable 9.5k scores on stock, I am certainly looking forward to other people doing so, including myself, but in the meantime not being quite sure what you will get out off the box is a bit discouraging for an expensive premium machine.
    Last edited: Nov 30, 2016
  16. Badgertista

    Badgertista Well-Known Member

    I mentionned many times that I don't have the new Blade yet (waiting for it to be released on MS Store Canada), but I've been following this thread from the beginning.

    I don't see how a one liner post "All of these posts make me think that $2400 is one expensive lottery ticket" can be considered constructive if my posts are not?

    I mean, yes the Razer is more expensive than most brands. But like any electronic devices, ~2% are defective from the start. No matter if it's Razer, MSI, Apple, Dell, HP ... you can find angry customers for every brand by looking them up on Google. If Razer already sold a few 1000s of the new Razer Blade, but less than 10 people are complaining about their units here, how can this be considered a tragedy? Razer never stated that the Blade would score 9.5k+, the only benchmark I remember being released from Razer was just a tad under 9.3k. And I saw more than 2 happy customers in this 98 pages thread.

    For the record since you're an MSI fan, I bought a GS63VR when it was released and returned it because it was defective. I didn't go on a rant about it, even if it's rated 3.5 stars on Amazon, just like the GS43VR. It doesn't mean they are bad machines and that it's a "lottery ticket" to buy one.
  17. fer.geraci

    fer.geraci Active Member

    Can't say I disagree with any of your observations, I missed the part where you said you did not have the machine and I was under the impression you were getting nice results. Also, I agree some comments are certainly not so constructive if they cant be backed up with the fact that the machine is underperforming - benchmarks and such. But the main focus is not to attack Razer but to find solutions to a clearly recurring problem. You havent yet, but like in my case and other people who paid 2.2k for it, it kind of sucks to see other less expensive and same targetted brands delivering when the one you are counting on is not, big time.

    Im not a fan of any brand and havent certainly went on a rant about RB, I do express my honest opinion based on facts, and look for answers - clearly there has been stuff going one, officially stated and supposedly addressed with en EC patch.

    5 percent as originally stated by Razer, then changed on the post, of defective systems is way more than 10 people - sure some members are more active than others, but maybe because as opposed to other people, we do have an investment and a time frame to take a decision and to ponder on whether the RB' value is worth keeping it or not.
  18. Badgertista

    Badgertista Well-Known Member

    BTW I totally with people being angry for receiving a bad unit.

    I missed the part when Razer mentionned 5% of the units, but yeah, 5% is huge. But not as bad as the Samsung Note 7! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye_:

    In the end, I was just disagreeing with the "lottery ticket" comment. In fact, in 2016 that could apply to almost everything from toasters to cars, since for most if not all manufacturers, it costs less to replace a few defective units compared to test all of them thoroughly.

    But when it comes down to someone complaining about have a 9300 score VS another user who got 9375, that just nitpicking, since there can be many others factors for the difference.

    And most Razer customers are not just customers, they are FANS. But unlike Apple fans, we won't be hypnotized and settle for what we have if we expected more. Just look back at the delays when the early 2016 Blade was released and how people were over-the-top with their reactions. Once the delay was gone, everyone was happy.
  19. Firebat246

    Firebat246 The One Staff Member

    This may be silly and you have have tried it but did you happen to switch it to quiet mode? By default it's set to cool mode in synapse.
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  20. coveheadTuscan979

    coveheadTuscan979 New Member

    Yeah I set it to quiet mode! When I set it to cooling mode it gets louder still. Maybe Im just oversensitive;( But I have an old AsusG74s (gtx560m, 2011 i thinkxD) and this one isnt as loud as the blade. I mean you can hear it, too, but the blades pitch is higher, if that is correctly spoken?! That is, when the blade lies flat on the table. If I lift it up you can hear the fans running way louder, so when it lies flat it dampens noise emissions (obviously, as fans are on the bottom). Maybe some of you can tell me what you exerience with the fans, noisy or not etc...

    Whatever, can be its normal... I would have to compare it to other blades by myself:) Maybe ill get the opportunity at some time or another
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