Razer blade 2016 ideas suggestions improvements that need to be made

Discussion in 'Systems' started by DJSilentninja, Feb 17, 2015.

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  1. DJSilentninja

    DJSilentninja New Member

    Hello Gamers
    I am a proud owner of the razer blade 14 and love it. Here you can put your suggestions and ideas and hopefully the mechanics can see this.
    Post your suggestions below

    What needs to be improved for 2016
    Windows 10 64 bit
    extra hard drive slot msata or m.2 (not void the warranty to upgrade) 512 gb x2
    gtx 1070m (sli if possible)
    chroma customisable keyboard with razer mechanical keys found on razer orbweaver
    16 gb ram for all models free of charge
    mini display port or some other plus hdmi

    #1 thing they need to improve is cooling make the system distribute heat better and never get above 90 degrees i have had my system overheat multiple times after using it only for 2 years and i can feel the heat even without touching areas near the vents
  2. JustTooFast

    JustTooFast Member

    I agree with some of your ideas. I would love to have the option of having 2 slots for an ssd addon/upgrade. They had this in the 2013 model.

    Chroma keyboard, definitely. However, it is not possible to make the keys mechanical without adding bulk to the shape.

    Sli gpu in a notebook isn't plausible in the mind of Razer. And I agree.
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  3. DJSilentninja

    DJSilentninja New Member

    your ideas are true but cooling was my #1 concern at the moment. If not mechanical keys at least 1 ms response would be amazing
  4. greatking

    greatking Active Member

    Did you guys see the msi laptop with Cherry MX reds?
    That laptop was huge and really really bulky.
    The MSI Titan
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  5. ehtoanokuso

    ehtoanokuso New Member

    it's good to dream, but please be realistic with your requests. hahahaha
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  6. Kernelcoffee_no_id

    Kernelcoffee_no_id New Member

    Overall, great case, great keyboard, great screen.

    - New gen CPU/GPU (Intel/Nvidia) - more efficient.
    - 2nd M.2 (for 2x512GB Linux/Windows)
    - HDMI + mini-DP for triple screen (but don't know if VGA is still possible through adapter)
    - Click-pad and remove the physical buttons (or keep both)
    - MagSafe like connector. (the infamous flying notebook)
    - Better battery (hopefully > 7hrs for a full productivity day)
    - Improve thermal management (always)
    - Better Linux support (UEFI/TrackPad/Keyboard/PowerManagement)
    - a physical way to know when it's charging and charging state. (i.e LED on connector for Apple chargers)
    - Easy access to internal componants to add/change M.2 or replace battery in a few years.

    Power wise the 2015 is very good and should be good for at least the next few years, so a focus on power and thermal efficiency would be much more appreciable.

    I am a programmer and I need Linux to work.but I don't want to compromise for gaming on the go with dual boot to windows.
  7. brian.edition

    brian.edition Well-Known Member

    First suggestion woulde be to brng a Blade to EU consumers aswell as they would like to gain one too (Source, Comments from Consumers on Razer Insider and FB pages)
  8. DJSilentninja

    DJSilentninja New Member

    I agree with kernal very good ideas man
  9. DJSilentninja

    DJSilentninja New Member

    probably 1tb of storage if possible and also support for external graphics
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  10. yoursaviorrazer

    yoursaviorrazer New Member

    This is all reasonable but wishing for sli is just wishing. That is literally impossible considering the space and thermal restraints. It also needs a design overhaul. I mean its been 3 generations already cmon
  11. xuancong84

    xuancong84 New Member

    Thanks for this post! As a computer science PhD. and physics expert, I would like to make some serious suggestions for Razer's future versions:
    0. Redesign the lid. When the lid is open, the bottom part of the lid (around the rotation axis) is too close to the hot air exhaust windows, that it is seriously blocking the exhaust hot air. This will greatly reduce thermal dissipation and increase exhaust air noise.
    1. Full-sized arrow keys. As many other laptops have, it is very useful to have full-sized UP/DOWN arrow keys by extending the arrow keys area downwards, then there will also be some space for PageUp and PageDown key as well. And then Fn+PageUp/Down will be Home and End by default. This is quite important for many applications and also some games like Microsoft Flight Simulator. Without it, key combos like Shift+PageUp/PageDown, Ctrl+Home/End will need to press 3 keys.
    2. Card reader. Most high-end laptops have a card reader, quite basic functional component for a modern laptop.
    3. One more USB port and a USB-to-LAN-VGA-etc combo converter. Without a LAN port, some users will have to use a USB-to-LAN converter (or some WLAN subscriber requires a USB device), then you will have one USB for mouse, one USB for cooling pad. You won't have another free USB port for thumb drives or smart phones. I know that LAN port cannot be installed because it's too thick for the thin laptop. However, Razer can provide an external USB-to-LAN-VGA-etc converter to please customers.
    4. Adjustable fan modes. Not only should the power manager support manual fan mode, it should also support variable-threshold dynamic feedback control, i.e. maximum performance by limiting fan speed at level N. That is, even if you need to use a laptop in a very quiet environment, you can do so, but of course, not for intensive games.
    5. Better battery control. It is important to be able to set the battery to start charging when it's below say 45% and stop charging when it's say above 65%, so that you can maximize battery life. Also, you can set it to fully charged if you are planning to go mobile.
    6. Fan damper to reduce fan noise. The use of a fan damper can effectively reduce the fan noise at all levels. This can make the max-fan noise level more tolerable. This is also more important for a gaming machine as they produce much more cooling noise than a normal laptop.
    7. An accessible space for the 2nd harddisk. I do understand that the weight and size miniature makes flexible access to internal components difficult, (that's why even memory has been soldered onboard and thus cannot be changed), but this is the most basic things you can start with. If some people would like to store large movies or store more games to be installed on SSD for playing, a 2nd harddisk would be indispensable. And to plug them in and out should not be made too difficult.
    8. Better product quality control. With more testing criterion and more stringent quality assurance, you will have fewer RMA returns and better customer satisfaction overall. That can actually increase your profit even though you spend more.
    In general, as a marvellous piece of craftsmanship, I think Razer should aim for not only a No1 gaming laptop, but also a No1 laptop for general purpose. But of course, gaming should take priority.
    Last edited: Apr 25, 2015
  12. DJSilentninja

    DJSilentninja New Member

    I would like to inform you that i agree with your suggestions. However an ethernet port is larger than the laptop. The razer quality control is excellent their screens have almost no blacklight bleed compared to alienware or msi. Fully sized arrow keys may be possible at the cost of some portability which some users may not appreciate. The batteries and fans however i am not sure. I hope i have answered your questions to your satisfaction
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  13. trizolegrand

    trizolegrand New Member

    I really like the razer blade right now, and all i can say for the 2016 model would be to keep the great specs (screen, gpu, cpu) upto date (latest, top of the line) and maybe improve the memory options as some have stated above. I am sure those would be met, but my main suggestion would be to work on the heating issues, and make it into a quieter and cooler laptop at high performance. A better battery would also be nice, but as long as the specs and designe are top notch once again and the laptop runs much cooler, it will make fir a seroius peice of hardware :D (if the price can be lowered just a bit it would be great, but if all the above mentioned suggestions are met, i would understand the premium price point)
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  14. _ramsey_

    _ramsey_ Active Member

    I'm hoping for about 80% of this list. If they deliver, I'll upgrade from an already very nice 2015 blade:

    4K 60Hz touchscreen (or better)
    Thunderbolt 3
    Pascal gpu (70 series graphics or better)
    PCIe 4.0
    USB 3.1 Type A & C
    SDCard slot
    Extended battery life
    Slimmer screen bezel
    Under 2Kg
    RAID 0 SSDs (SM951)
    32GB RAM
    Battery door
    2 yr standard warranty
    international shipping
    Ambient light sensor
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  15. _ramsey_

    _ramsey_ Active Member

    Fist bump :D
  16. iarul

    iarul New Member

    1) Better Cooling managment.
    2) Upgradeability
    3) More Ports and connectivity options
    3) Increased storage (maybe 1 TB )
  17. greatking

    greatking Active Member

    think that the next gen. of the razer blade should include a mini display port along with a hdmi. the design can be improved seeing that only the specs of the blade has been improve over time
    maybe a rgb keyboard and better battery life
    improving graphics would also be great
  18. newtime95

    newtime95 New Member

    (1)【Intel Skylake CPU】【nvidia Pascal GPU
    (2)【DDR4 16GB RAM】【M.2 SSD*2】【Bluetooth 4.2
    (3)【USB 3.1】【HDMI 2.0a】【card reader
    (4)【8-megapixel camera
    (5)【full-sized arrow keys】【PageUp and PageDown key
    (6)【Windows 10
    Last edited: Apr 10, 2015
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  19. xuancong84

    xuancong84 New Member

    Today, I went to one of the retailers and saw the Razer Blade 14'' 2015 by my eye. The immediate problem I realize is that when the lid is open, the bottom part of the lid (protrusion around the rotation axis) is too close to the hot air exhaust windows (about 5-10 mm), that it is seriously blocking the exhaust hot air. This will greatly reduce thermal dissipation and increase exhaust air noise. Moreover, the distance from the lid-bottom-protrusion to the hot air exhaust window varies when the lid is opened at different angles. This implies that you will get different thermal performance when the lid is opened at different angles.

    It is good to know that the company has indeed put in a lot of effort in the cooling system, so that customers who re-apply thermal pastes by themselves typically get much worse performance. However, the appealing external design of an elite laptop should not hinder its thermal dissipation to a significant extent.

    I have added this point into my initial long post and I hope the next version of Razer Blade can achieve a perfect solution by solving this hot air exhaust problem without hurting its physical appeal. And it is always useful to take a look at other people's solutions, e.g., Aorus X3 Plus V3, MSI and Gigabyte, to see how they have addressed this issue, and then add in your own aesthetic ideas to make your design both cool and cool!-:)
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  20. masterplo94

    masterplo94 Active Member

    I agree the blade should have usb type c but razer should probably wait another generation for it because not much has come out for it so at the moment it is too inconvenient to have, at least in my opinion. I do fully support the usb type c but would like if razer waited before putting it in when it is still very new.
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