Razer blade 2016 ideas suggestions improvements that need to be made

Discussion in 'Systems' started by DJSilentninja, Feb 17, 2015.

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  1. Mechanical keys aren't happening on a slim laptop, the actual buttons alone are too big, let alone the rest of the switch... If anything what I would want to see is:

    1. High Pixel density screen. Doesn't have to be big, but maybe the ability to simulate 1440p on a 1080p monitor with scaling software or an interesting tech, so it looks extra sharp on the desktop, but when gaming it reverts to its normal 1080p. Low ghosting, fast response, deep colors. OLED? Maybe, but pricey tech. Thin! Refresh rates from 60 up to 80 (selectable).

    2. Better membrane keys. Some of the best membrane keyboards feel about the same as cheap mechanical ones, which is still a huge upgrade from a $10 keyboard feel.

    3. USB type C (2 of these) the Blade would come with 2 small hub like devices, one with more standard usb connections and one with extra display outputs.
  2. masterplo94

    masterplo94 Active Member

    Definitely good changes we would all hope to see!
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  3. xan326

    xan326 Member

    Oled screen and usb type c This would allow for a much thinner design.
    And I'm still hoping for a tablet version with a typecover or a full keyboard like the surface book has. If they go with the surface book clone, they can easily integrate sli with extra battery and more storage, lots of extra storage. Better yet have a base tablet and offer both a typecover and keyboard as options. Could even have a midi keyboard attachments, since the current Blade deal includes FL studio. Also use a Wacom digitizer, for those of us who are into drawing and photoshop.
    And no matter what, screen color accuracy would be great. I think Microsoft is doing that with the surface book, but I don't remember. Also an nfc chip would be nice, since more and more bluetooth devices are coming with the nfc quick connect feature, could also be useful if pc ever gets figure-based gaming, or really anything that uses nfc.
    Other than those few things, I can't think of much improvement on the blade.
  4. GameGH0ST

    GameGH0ST Active Member

    Obviously I would like to see a 4k resolution screen. A hard screen too. Lenovo was doing this way back in 2013 if I am not mistaken.
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  5. RazerRanix

    RazerRanix Active Member


    First post here. it`s Chistmas So I want to write my letter to Santa Razer :)
    I own a 2013 Raer blade and I will buy next Razer blade. it s already hard to not buy the 970M one, but I feel we are close from a new Razer blade announcement.

    there is 3 distincts part in my wish list for the new Razer.
    1 is correct the flow of the actual razer blade
    2 enhance
    3 innovate

    I will not speak of a dream machine with an Oled screen. That will not happen even if I wish so much for it....

    so about 1, correct the actual blade:
    1 - PLEASE take care of the right and left click button. those buttons feels awful on my blade 13, I think this is still the same. You are a gaming company and this is not a lot but knowing that a 200$ laptop offer better sensation when pressing right and left click button is just wrong. Correcting this show that you are serious about offering the best experience to your customer. the devil is in the detail.

    2 - the Razer logo on the top of the computer is directly against the screen. Because you wanted to have it lightened there is no protection on this part of the screen.
    I have broken my Razer blade screen because something hit my computer while is was closed exactly where the logo is. Because there is no protection the screen just broken.
    I hope you can do something about making sure that you also protect this part of the screen...

    That the 2 flow I would like to be correct

    2 Enhance:
    here are just stuff that I wish could be implemented :
    1- more connectivity:
    2 - less bezel
    Having a 14 inch format is perfect, please try to feet in a larger screen. XPS 13 from dell is the way to go.
    G-sinc should be here!

    3 - innovate
    Specific accessories(laptop cooling support, bag)
    Oled ;) ( yes I know I said I will not dream, but innovate is the part where Razer bring the WOW effect).

    I am not speaking about GPU and CPU. I trust Razer on this one to bring the best suited one.

    This is the forth iteration of the Razer blade.
    Razer is a innovating company. whatever CPU/GPU/RAM you use, this will not create any WOW effect.

    It s time for Razer to bring again more to the table and show that they are leading the trend.

    Premium price not only mean premium quality but also premium idea.

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  6. funMintGreenbit111

    funMintGreenbit111 New Member

    Hi, all! I wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year. Here are some suggestions:

    1.Full-size keyboard without extra keys on left side, but with multi color brightness. Just copy from Lenovo Y900, its best slim mechanical keyboard. Or additional usb numpad but it is necessary for many games
    2.Battery life. Just do it. I see new blade as working machine first, so i need work time like on macbook pro or better
    3.Performance. Let the laptop will weigh little more, but there will be new i7 6700 +970m (next pascal with 6gb or better for graphic work) and improved cooling system. Laptop must be enough thin to be ultrabook (20mm)
    4.Upgradeable. Removable RAM and minimum 2 slots for SSD (you can do this by cutting PCB motherboard, so RAM and SSD placing one above the other, which also will get more space for improving the cooling system and battery)
    5.Larger screen without bezels in the same body like in new Dell XPS 15, but with G-SYNC (very important)
    6.More connectors. Combined thunderbolt/usb-c 3.1 for external PCI-e graphics like on Alienware
    7.Compact sexy charger. Because now it looks very ugly
    8.Better intel realsense camera

    P.S. Do you think about new design? The current design looks good, but outdated. I like HP Omen for its reliability, but I prefer the metal everywhere and performance. All of it will make this laptop best.
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  7. BaccaBoss2

    BaccaBoss2 Active Member

    My Ideas:
    1. Go Skylake, better for single-core performance
    2. Get Thunderbolt 3. 6 devices at 40 Gb/S! Ditch one of the USB 3's if you have to.
    3. Get USB 3.1. It is becoming more and more popular, and devices that use it are starting to show up on the market.
    4. Get a GeForce GTX 980 or 980M in there, it shouldn't be that difficult, even with cooling.
    5. More Storage. Dual M.2s in RAID0 would be freaking awesome and take this to a whole new level.
    6. Drop the price. Get the technology in the hands of the people. You will not be able to achieve that if only 2% of the population can afford it!

    These are my ideas that will revolutionize the Razer Blade and change the world.
  8. brandonsantamaria

    brandonsantamaria New Member

    I don't think 4k screen is a necessity at this point in time. With the current hardware it is difficult to play games at higher quality with such a high screen resolution. As a video and photo editor it is also unnecessary to have such a high resolution seeing as I don't have any hardware that can actually record quality 4k video. I also find the resolution to be too much for a 14 inch screen, and also making it a 1080p touch would surely make battery last longer compared to a 4k touch?
  9. brandonsantamaria

    brandonsantamaria New Member

    1.I agree with skylake, it would surely increase performance and also overall battery life?
    3.Type-C could definitely go on the laptop, and instead of removing another port in order to make room for it they could swap the current charging port for the Type C port. It'd be similar to the Macbook with the 1 Type C port, only there would be other ports.
    4. That would be almost impossible to be honest, I mean the card would generate way too much heat and in such a small form factor I don't think it would be possible to cool it. There is also the matter of space inside the chassis and I just don't think they have enough space in the 14 inch. I mean that's why you only see these types of graphics cards in bigger laptops. They could follow the new trend of making use of desktop graphic cards externally like with MSI and Alienware though which would significantly improve futureproofability too.
    6. Asking for more for less is just dumb tbh.
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  10. brandonsantamaria

    brandonsantamaria New Member

    Some small, totally plausible changes I would like to see are..

    1. Lower heavy laptop body, which would allow to open the laptop one handed, similar to Macbooks.

    2. Removing the HDMI and instead updating it with a thunderbolt/mini display port? There are adapters for the mini display to hdmi, alternatively I believe you can also get a hub to which you can connect hard drives etc at faster speeds than normal usb? (Correct me if I'm wrong, I don't know too much about these ports).

    3. An SD card reader would be amazing, especially if it sits flush with the body. This is useful for many of us photo and video editors, or those that use sd cards to capture game footage, it makes the process much easier to not have to remember a dongle to transfer files. Alternatively this could also be a good chance for a Razer "Gaming grade" SD Card storage. It is an easy way for users to bump up the computer storage without voiding warranty and also allows for hot-swapping between them. and with there now being SD cards even up to 512gb I feel that this is a good idea.

    4.Chroma lighting would be great, also for the logo on the back. Love the green lighting but sometimes I just wanna mix it up a bit yknow?

    5. USB Type-C. Although not quite popular yet, android phones are already starting to release with USB Type C, and I am sure there will be hard drives and other accessories that start rolling out with Type C in 2016. USB Type C can also take over the AC charging port since I do believe Type C can work as a charging source.

    6. Smaller bezels would be amazing, not a necessity at all but would be great.
    7. Don't care about smaller arrow keys at all since all the games I play are WASD format, but I do care about a good touchpad for, though rare, when I'm not actually playing any games. Take inspiration from the DELL XPS 13/15, as I do believe they have the best trackpad on the market next to apple trackpads.

    8.More screen options if possible? I'm a video/ photo editor, and none of the gear I own shoots in 4k video, so I don't really need 4k at all. the games I play also can't be played at 4k resolution with higher settings on the laptop. That being said I also do need a touch screen input, it just comes in handy a lot, especially when browsing the web and editing on the go. This years model I believe touch screen was only available on the 4k model? which was significantly more expensive than the 1080p version. Though it may sound stingy, I don't want to pay money for something I can't fully take advantage of.

    (Feel free to correct me on any of this, I'm not a computer professional so I'm sure theres some mistakes or misunderstandings in here somewhere)
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  11. reloader-1

    reloader-1 Well-Known Member

    Completely agree with the requests for a 1080p touchscreen version.

    For gamers, by gamers right? Well, gamers don't play 4K on a laptop... The fps just aren't there (yet!)
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  12. funMintGreenbit111

    funMintGreenbit111 New Member

    Has anybody heard about nvidia pascal mobile gpu, may be we should wait for next 970m?
  13. RazerRanix

    RazerRanix Active Member

    If the 2016 blade is just a new gpu/cpu combo ( not pascal) with no update on the body built, then I will save some money and buy the 2015. I will wait for the 2017 blade with Pascale GPU.
    I really hope that they are going to innovate this year. 4 iteration with the same body build, with no update...
    Razer should not forget that they are here to innovate. Premium price, premium Ideas.
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  14. ComradeLemon

    ComradeLemon New Member

    Razer could add a lot of things but we said the same stuff between 2014 and 2015 and look they did nothing except upgrade the GPU. So they'll probably just do that or add some lesser things. But I'm pretty sure all the things on this list are things we want.

    1. The option to have either a 970m or 980m (or what ever the newest generation of 70m and 80m is)
    2. CHROMA keyboard and logo.
    3. G-Sync
    4. MORE GDDR5! 6gb for a 970m and 8gb for a 980m.
    5. 2 Mini displayports! (thunderbolt 3 works also)
    6. SD Card! Gamers use SD cards to.
    7. Skylake processor.
    8. Two M.2 Slots!
    9. A bigger battery. (8 or 9 hours of productivity please)
    10. 1 or 2 USB 3.1 Type-C
    11. 32gb of RAM
    12. MagSafe like power connector. (Charges just as fast as a Macbook Pro)
    13. Bezels half the current size.
    14. A 1080p webcam.
    15. Better, less cheap feeling buttons and track pad.
    16. A Charging LED on the Magsafe like charger.
    17. These Ports and these ports only, 3x USB 3 Type-A, 2x USB 3.1 Type-C, 2x Mini Displayport, 1x SDXC Card Reader, 1x Combined 3.5mm Audio+Mic Jack, 1x Magsafe like connector.
    18. Proper Linux Support
  15. funMintGreenbit111

    funMintGreenbit111 New Member

    2 Mini displayports useless. Adding to your list, i want removable RAM, g-sync (very important for laptops) and less price on linux version =)
  16. ComradeLemon

    ComradeLemon New Member

    Mini display is not useless but easier because of adapter support and it uses the same connector as thunder bolt. It's also a lot more compact.
  17. ComradeLemon

    ComradeLemon New Member

    Agreed its too early for 4K. They should go with 1440p
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  18. Slon104_no_id

    Slon104_no_id New Member

    1. USB-C - Thunderbolt 3
    2. SSD side-by-side with HDD
    3. Bigger battery
  19. bytedomeAqua616

    bytedomeAqua616 New Member

    2 m.2 slots with NVMe support is on my wishlist
  20. Things I would like to see besides the mandatory upgrade to CPU and GPU and hopefully a standard 16gb of ddr4 ram across all models.

    1. Mini DisplayPort or Thunderbolt port.
    2. 1080p touchscreen.
    3. Better sound quality. Should not have the crackling sound when doing the Windows generic sound test.
    4. Battery that has more durability than the current "Betty". Betty seems to break on the yearly mark. This has happen to me twice (kindly replaced by Razer) even though I have it plugged into a socket most of the time.
    5. Battery that last longer per charge. Already so close to "all day battery life". A good 30% more than the last model would be perfect.
    6. Please no more sharing of power between the USB ports on the same side. Poor design decision there. I have had power cut from either my Orbweaver or Razer Naga at some point during intense gaming because of this.
    7. A better more responsive touchpad.
    8. An extra m.2 slot.

    Even as it is the Razerblade is still the best small form factor gaming laptop out there. If not the best laptop. Just needs a little refining to be prefect.
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