Razer blade 2016 powerbrick

Discussion in 'Systems' started by TheGurgeMan, Jun 29, 2017.

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  1. TheGurgeMan7

    TheGurgeMan7 Well-Known Member

    I was wondering if anyone knew where to get powerbricks that would work for the 2016 razer blade, as mine literally burnt itself up tonight.

    Im not looking at rebuying the same 100$ one, and im also wondering if there is a way to get a replacement one in as it seems to be a manafacturer defect due to overheating.

    Dont really need razer support, just need ideas.
  2. Metolius

    Metolius New Member

    If you are within a year of your purchase date, support should be able to send you a new one for free.
  3. TheGurgeMan7

    TheGurgeMan7 Well-Known Member

    Nope. It failed exactlly 1 month after the warrenty ran out. Almost seems as thought they are engineered to fail after warrenty as ive had a dead pixel appear and a partiallh faulty mouse button both appear in the same timeframe.
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