Razer Blade 2016 QHD screen cleaning

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Cyraxus, Jan 29, 2017.

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  1. Cyraxus

    Cyraxus Active Member

    Hello All --

    My Razer Blade 2016 screen needs a cleaning. I wiped off the smudges with a blue micro fiber cloth that is meant for screens but there are some dots that needs a little something more to come off. Is there a liquid solution i can use on the screen or is the dry cloth the only way to go?

    Thanks for your help!
  2. Coppergreatcar371

    Coppergreatcar371 New Member


    From what I have learned the best & only thing is to use is distilled water. It is pure and it leaves no residue or chemicals on the screens like tap water or screen cleaners, plus it is dirt cheap, about one or two dollars a gallon. Give it a go. It's the only thing I will use on my screen's. I just use it and a microfiber cloth. It is also the best thing to use to clean your microfiber cloths because it is so pure. Good Luck !

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  3. HeyGohaN

    HeyGohaN Member

    What kind of dots? I know the QHD has a field of dots all over the screen due to the Touchscreen
  4. Cyraxus

    Cyraxus Active Member

    they are definitely dots from being dirty. If i scrub hard enough with the cloth they will come off but i'm afraid to. lol
  5. Cyraxus

    Cyraxus Active Member

    Thank you. I will give it a try.
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