Razer Blade 2016 with 1060 GTX Temps

Discussion in 'Systems' started by fleas2016, Dec 25, 2016.

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  1. fleas2016

    fleas2016 New Member

    Recently, I just RMA'd my RB 2016 due to temp issues. I am starting this thread so other people can use it as reference to see if their temps are within "normal" or average parameters.

    To give a background, these were the temps I had that triggered me to request for an RMA.

    HWMonitor - Steam Downloads and Installation only.png

    Since I just got my RB, I was setting it up downloading and installing everything at once. I was surprised to see my temps reached those numbers.

    Without further ado, here are the OCCT screenshots that a few members have chimed in. These were very instrumental in determining I had a faulty CPU. I hope it will help others as well.

    If you would like to contribute, the program is available free here. All you have to do is press the big green ON button. By default, it will stop if temps reach > 90c so no danger of overheating your CPU.

    CrisTahoe - OCCT Cool Mode.PNG JLP209 - OCCT Cool Mode.JPG JLP209 - OCCT Quiet Mode.JPG vistar - OCCT.png

    @vistar, @JLP209 and @ChrisTahoe, thanks for these. I just realized I don't have an OCCT screenshot of my own. My bad, but it was really bad. It was hitting 95-100c.

    I just have to comment though that if every component of the RB is working fine. The temps are amazing for a laptop this thin and light.
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  2. fleas2016

    fleas2016 New Member

    I got my RB 2016 back from Razer. My replacement unit has to be flown from HK. After a few hours of testing, my unit has normal temps now.

    HWInfo64 - OCCT Stock EC4.00.png
    HWInfo64 - OCCT stress testing

    Notice the "normal" max temp of 85c on run of OCCT stress testing with a difference of 1-3c between cores. On light use, browsing/surfing, my max temp is just 64c. Huge difference from my original unit! Good thing I demanded a replacement :rolleyes:

    HWInfo64 - OCCT Stock EC4.00.png
    HWInfo64 - light usage

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  3. fleas2016

    fleas2016 New Member

    Adding the OCCT screenshot for completeness

    OCCT Benchmark Stock EC4.00.png HWInfo64 - OCCT Stock EC4.00.png

    PS. These are taken @ stock voltage. With -100mv UV, I get 8-10c off.
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