Razer Blade 2017 expectations/wishlist

Discussion in 'Systems' started by AjwadSabano, Jul 9, 2016.

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  1. jwatte

    jwatte New Member

    Fingerprints are not "security." A fingerprint is not a password, it's a user name, and it's a user name you cannot ever change.
    And, it's not even a particularly easily-guarded user name: http://www.bbc.com/news/technology-30623611
  2. hisid98

    hisid98 New Member

    Please do this, why isn't anyone saying anything about this. I have 2015 model and the font is so cool. Please bring that back I don't even mind giving up chroma for the font.
  3. WolfTechFreak

    WolfTechFreak New Member

    I love the blade for its sturdy metal construction and its great keyboard, but the screen made me start looking at other options;

    As of a few days ago, My newest concern is this:

    Dell XPS 15 2560
    Its Internal specs are [slightly] better in every way except the graphics card (a 1050 compared to the blades 1060) and for the same price with 16Gb of ram, also with the option of 32Gb.
    But its construction is badly classic: "Carbon Fiber" and plastic construction.

    The main point for me was its screen, and I know that nothing can beat the infinity edge display of the XPS lineup, but i have confidence that Razer can beat them out in the performance department.

    So, i'm not going to spend all day trying to tell a company what to do because i have no real experience in designing a laptop,
    But there is one thing i can say, and its that Razer better watch out- there is some real competition now.
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  4. reloader-1

    reloader-1 Well-Known Member

    I have used Dell computers prior to Razer, and love their customer service.

    However, the XPS 15 is in no way a competitor to the Blade. As you highlighted, it has:

    - a completely inferior GPU
    - carbon fiber/plastic construction
    - generally worse build quality (flex, etc)

    That's not a Blade competitor at all (perhaps a Stealth competitor). A true Blade competitor at least would have #1: an equivalent GPU, and ideally #2: solid unibody aluminum construction.

    There ARE Blade competitors on the market from MSI, ASUS etc but they only address #1 and fall far short of #2.
  5. WolfTechFreak

    WolfTechFreak New Member

    Im should have mentioned i'm looking at this from a content creation perspective, not a gaming one... (A bit like the LTT crew) So the majority of the time: clock speeds, ram, and screen color accuracy are more important than graphics card speed.

    The reason i am even on here is because i want a computer that can do all of that, and still be able to game. But most importantly- in a sturdy casing.

    The dell XPS 15 has some terrible parts of it for sure, but i'm trying to say that right now they could sweep up those customers who are looking for a professional workflow while not looking ridiculous, with some sort of red and black angled plastic that has giant air vents showing, while doing it.

    PS: Blade stealth is a netbook and has no purpose - lawl
    jk its just not for most people
  6. reloader-1

    reloader-1 Well-Known Member

    Not sure why the Razer Blade Stealth is a "lawl" when you care about CPU clock speeds, RAM and screen color accuracy.

    Given that criteria, and bearing in mind that the Stealth has a dual core i7 (which is still quite powerful), then the Stealth is a good choice. It has 100% Adobe RGB, and the same amount of RAM as the Blade (16gb).
  7. TheHexagonal

    TheHexagonal New Member

    I know why. The font used before was appealing to the same market that the hard lines, the colour lights, and so on appeals to: young people or young gamers or maybe even professional gamers. This is, of course, not just Razer, but other companies with similar design choices too. The whole gaming industry had these flashy elements embedded along with the aggressive lines and graphics.

    The market is changing, though. Professionals like what's happening in the gaming world because of the hardware (this is the reason why I bought a RB) involved and Razer is, today, the only company that can deliver the hardware packaged in a way that you can pass in a professional setting (the logo can go with a skin on top) and that adds a lot more market interested in the products of the brand. Reviewers and news outlets have reported that some other gaming companies are slowly following suit because the market appeal of the hardware will be broader than just for those with that specific taste.
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  8. WolfTechFreak

    WolfTechFreak New Member

    It's definitely not a bad computer, but like I said it's just not for most people.
    In my case: I feel like the screen is just too small for mobile use.
    And I want a laptop I can game on as well, not one that is supposed to replace my desktop.
  9. hisid98

    hisid98 New Member

    Yeah I understand, I'm a student of Game Designing and obviously I play games too. But couldn't they put the option? I know by doing this they have to increase their inventory and that is not profitable. Many people share my opinion and hopefully they will add it as an option.
  10. Ohuglyduckling

    Ohuglyduckling New Member

    After Computex, which ends June 3rd. Will probably be avaliable late June to as far as October.
  11. sleekOrchidfun816

    sleekOrchidfun816 New Member

  12. Frankdehtank

    Frankdehtank Active Member

    -Obv upgraded GPU and CPU
    -Possibly the new low profile mechanical keys (havnt used it but i seem to hear its a hit or miss if people like it or not)
    -Better battery
    -Get rid of the touch screen (added expense for prob only a handful of people to use)
  13. Faster CPU and GPU if the chassis allows it
    32GB RAM option
    1080p touchscreen alongside current display options
    Denser battery
    Lighting on the second functions too
    Precision trackpad
  14. Warbringer3118

    Warbringer3118 New Member

    In my opinion the Blade with 1060 is good, but if Razer wants to release other model, here are some specs that can take for the next Blade.

    This is my Wish List

    - Gtx 1070 Pascal
    - Backlight in the second Fn keys
    - Front Razer logo with Chroma
    -4k Display 144hz 100% Adobe RGB and G-Sync
    -Precision Trackpad
    -Upgrade to 32 Gb 2400MHz or 16 with 2400MHz of Bus
    -Kaby Lake i7 QuadCore
    -Improved Termal System

    The bezel is not a big deal, the display is 14'' enough and fit just in the end of the keyboard, is a optimal design, but if we think about the Display ,in the Blade Stealth they put a 4k Display with 100% Adobe RGB, so why not put this display in the 14'' too in addition with G-Sync and 144 Hz ?

    So what do you think about guys ? Sorry for the bad English.
  15. HeyGohaN

    HeyGohaN Member

    - Backlight Fn Keys
    - Keep the 14 inch screen but please 1440p + 4K Screens (Matte + Glossy optional for each)
    - Precision Trackpad
    - No Dedicated Trackpad Buttons
    - Upgrade to 2400 MHz Memory
    - Improved Thermal + Fan System
    - Reduce Bezel and Form Factor of the Blade keeping the 14 inch screen
    - Better viewing angles
    - Better battery
    - Kaby Lake Processor
    - Less fingerprint attraction

    The rest is fine...
  16. Account_Name

    Account_Name Member

    Razer Stealth Availability in Europe (Norway).
  17. Faress

    Faress New Member

    Please implement new hardware as they come to market.

    For instance, the New Razer Blade does not come with the latest intel CPU, and that is unfortunate.

    The New Razer Blade touch-pad needs to be replaced. -Use a one that is clickable not just touchable, also it would be nice to increase the size of the touch-pad. (Possibly, use a clickable touch-pad that serves as a screen too.)

    Try to have 5K screen if not 4K; also, have them edge to edge -avoid having the black margin that currently exist -These sorts of LCDs are implemented on Dell, XPS 15 and 13- Also a Matte screen is better.

    Have LPDDR4 2400 GHz rather than DDR4 to increase the battery life.

    More thunderbolt 3 on your systems.

    Possibly finger printer reader (Similar to the one that MacBook Pro has, don’t use the one that needs sliding)

    It would be nice to have convertible laptops if and only if the company can maintain having the same hardware (specially integrated graphic card). otherwise it is pointless don’t do it. (It must be something better than Surface Book)

    All suggestions are for the 14 inch Blade.

    In all, it is best to use the latest hardware and technologies when they come out; consider, that Intel releases a new line of processor every year, if the Razer company refuses to implement those new hardware/ tech, to its machines; the company will be always behind compare to many companies in such areas. For instance, it is pointless to replace the processor just a few months before Intel releases a new line of processor. SO, IF THE COMPANY WANTS TO ASSEMBLE THE 7TH GENERATION DO SO ASAP although it’s almost late considering it takes couple of months to have them ready for customers.

    I am aware that these changes will reduces the company profit but it will be a long term investment; moreover, that is how you can grow your company and become the best.

    Thank you.
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  18. reloader-1

    reloader-1 Well-Known Member

    What is the point of having such a ludicrous resolution in a 14" GAMING laptop? The graphics card can barely handle AAA games at QHD resolution, do you absolutely want to cripple the thing?

    As an owner of the late 2016 Blade, it's a great overall product. I'm guessing Razer will refresh shortly to the new Kaby Lake CPUs, but honestly that will not make any significant difference to 99.9% of users.

    They've already tried the "touchpad/screen" combo before and it sucked.

    EDIT: Razer has refreshed to the new CPUs.
    Last edited: Feb 13, 2017
  19. fer.geraci

    fer.geraci Active Member

    well, the new RB 2017 w Kaby Lake is available on Best Buy for pre-order (should be selling soon).

    Too bad they did not update the keyboard to light symbols up.
    I read they did update the storage such that all ar NVME now
    A couple of 4k options besides IGZO coming up on Q2, not now
    and of course, Kaby Lake, otherwise, seems to be the same sa 2016.

    Any more info?
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