Razer Blade (2017) - Just experienced 2 issues in 1 hour...

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by TeaSniffer, Aug 9, 2018.

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  1. TeaSniffer

    TeaSniffer New Member

    Whelp! Hey all,

    My Razer Blade 2017 which I bought back in December just shut its eyes on me. Within an hour both the right trackpad button and charger no longer work.

    Trackpad button doesn't seem to want to click. Doesn't seem to be dirty, and I don't really eat sandwiches standing over my laptop lol
    Charger just stopped functioning. I didn't even realize until it was down to 20%. Luckily I was able to backup some files on a thumbdrive before it fully died on me.\

    I was literally in the middle of playing Star Trek Armada II...I was winning :slightly_sad:

    Anyways, I'll be calling Support in the morning. Guess I'll have to use my old RBS for the time being.
  2. FirePenguin

    FirePenguin Well-Known Member

    Hey! Have you already contacted Support? If not, shoot me a PM anytime. :)
  3. TeaSniffer

    TeaSniffer New Member

    Yessir, Called support an hour ago.

    Need to do the whole RMA process for a charger. Then when that arrives we'll trouble shoot the trackpad buttons. Probably going to grab a spare charger if they sell them at the windows store as well...

    Hope everything goes smoothly.
  4. FirePenguin

    FirePenguin Well-Known Member

    Good to know. Hit me up if you need help with anything else then. :)
  5. TeaSniffer

    TeaSniffer New Member

    Just in case anyone ends up reading this dusty old thread...

    Support was great in the beginning, but follow up was pretty bad. Just didn't receive responses to my emails for about a week iirc which is terrible if your primary comp is out of service due to the issue.

    Issue is resolved though so there is that.
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