Razer Blade 2017 - Small Imperfection on chassis, thoughts?

Discussion in 'Systems' started by progrockjoe, Mar 23, 2018.

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  1. progrockjoe

    progrockjoe New Member

    Hi all,

    Purchased this laptop in the recent sale direct from Razer. Just opened it - checked the monitor hardware ID and pleased i got an LG panel. Great machine overall.

    I have a small niggle, there is a small nick on the right hand side of the chassis. It's quite small, and probably not worth worrying about considering the legitimate issues some folks are having.

    Is it worth me trying to get a replacement. In doing this i risk getting an AUO panel. Or a laptop with worse flaws. I'm very fussy with things like that. Seek perfection in the wrong places, etc. I usually conclude that it wouldn't be mine if it didn't come with some small flaw :)

    What would you do? :) thanks

  2. Metolius

    Metolius New Member

    You could try using a black sharpie pen to mask this imperfection.

    If everything else is good with the laptop, I would keep it.

    I made a similar decision when my Blade 2015 came with a bright green stuck pixel. I’m glad I kept it.
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  3. How do you check which monitor you have? What difference will it say? Didnt know there could be any difference. What difference will the different panels make?
  4. progrockjoe

    progrockjoe New Member


    Device manager > Monitor Details (tab) > Select 'Hardware ID' from the dropdown > reference to AOU or LG which indicate. Above image is my desktop, not laptop.

    It seems AOU has has better specs on paper but more prone to light bleed, etc. People tend to prefer an LG panel.
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  5. joikansai

    joikansai Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    True, AUO even has more color accurate for professional but LG is known also better than AOU, and on early production AUO has a lot light bleed issue, beside I don’t know how AUO is color accurate from my aspect LG screen on Blade 14 is damn good had side by side comparing with higher res MB Pro retina, from normal usage it’s not a huge difference and I found a problem with searching external screen that match it, all mate TN Display and even Samsung 4K 28 Inch Monitor with 350 nit brightness still couldn’t match it imo, end up with same brand LG 4K monitor, this time it could get pass the beautiful from Blade 14 with LG screen.
    You can beside in device manager hardware properties brand name following the number if LG than /LG..., also check on some games display setting or nvidia Control Panel...(somewhere i forgot where;)) to check the brand name it’s also shown there.
  6. Mine is UHD and it says
    Any idea what that means?

    On a side note, this is unrelated, but anyone know any good wrap for it? I heard Decalrus, slickwraps and Dbrand, but their ratings arnt that high. Any good recommendations? Also would be good to have recommendations for a good Matte screen protector cause the UHD version is too glossy :/ Let me know, cause there's so little companies that make accessories for Razer Blades. Also, is it just me or is the UHD version's screen look orange-y when brightness is low? It feels super weird
  7. progrockjoe

    progrockjoe New Member

    Yeah, it's a good point. Do you know if all new Blades are coming with LG panels now. If not, I feel like i'm playing with fire on something that does affect usability (the panel) - at least, from a visual point of view.
  8. joikansai

    joikansai Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    It’s BOE screen, one of biggest Chinese screens manufacture, it’s rumored to be Samsung competitor for making next gen iPhone screen before. I had QHD+ Blade 2015 before and for a while late 2016 QHD+, even both was from IGZO Sharp, I think the touchscreen one both are same glossy, quite same as my stealth. About orange thing on low brightness idk, i don’t see it on my glossy igzo Display (on stealth and other brands laptops).
    Just make sure your screen free of screen bleeding or death pixels, and you’re good, i think AUO comes on first wave Blade 14 2017 production, due screen bleed issue they seems changed it back to LG, and recently I saw Blade Pro FHD reporting AUO screen but he didn’t mention about backlight bleeding, I think AUO/Razer fixed already that.
  9. progrockjoe

    progrockjoe New Member

    Great info, thanks. I've instigated a return for replacement. I'm hoping they send a new one - and not a refurbished laptop. I'm supposed to receive return postage label / info over the next few working days.

    It's very likely i'll get another LG then, hopefully this time with any small dents in the chassis.
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