Razer Blade 7770HQ GTX1060 Help create repaste guide

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by fastresources735, May 28, 2018.

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    Hi folks, I'm sure there are a lot of enthusiast here, I was looking with no luck online for a razer blade 14 (7770hq gtx1060) repaste guide, an ifixit kind should be nice to let everybody know how could be done and the process (which I don't still know how straightforward coud be depending on how the laptop's assembly is made). I only found old models guides/videos and I don't know if razer manteined the build style. I live in a country with no razer physical support and this could help others in my situation.
    Any help would be appreciated.

    My temps are high, very high, razer support is working out but it's a sweet working machine, I only suspect the thermal paste application could be better on my in particular one (1 year old now) 1 year of warranty left (european product, I'm Italian). Th gpu flows much more heat, cpu throttles easy on turbo boost.
    Yeah, I know I can void warranty but let's see, I'm not doing it till razer support answer anyway. There are actually some laws on this and I don't think it voids nothing, it's maintenance and does not break any seal I think. I could pay to get it done, but I really think I can do it better with high quality non conductive paste and if needed even high end cooling pads. (I'm a fairly experienced but it just needs a bit of gentle touch and attention nothing difficult here. (no liquid metal shit that's conductive and could spead causing serious electrical harm, corroding ecc..)
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