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Razer Blade Advanced 15 (2020) screen stuttering

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by mikemerg, Aug 2, 2020.

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  1. mikemerg

    mikemerg New Member

    I've had this laptop for about 2 weeks now and have yet to figure out if this issue is hardware or software related, but there is a lot of general stuttering on the screen when scrolling, i.e. scrolling through various parts of Windows 10, web pages, etc... For some reason, the stuttering is gone and scrolling is smooth when I turn on windows battery saver (not sure how that makes sense!).

    I'm currently using Nvidia Optimus through synapse (since I use this on battery quite a bit) and I've tried setting the preferred processor to all different settings: Auto Select, Integrated, dGPU. Neither selection seems to make a difference. Doesn't seem to make a difference whether I'm plugged in or on battery. The only time the screen is smooth is when I turn on battery saver. I have also tried setting the performance to high in Synapse. Doesn't make a difference, and of course you can only have it on balanced when on battery.

    I've also tried connecting an external display via HDMI and it seems to stutter on there as well.

    I've researched other issues with stuttering and it looks like it may be a hardware issue. Can someone please help me know if I need to RMA this?
  2. mikemerg

    mikemerg New Member

    Also, all drivers are up to date and Windows Updates are current. I have even tried rolling back the Nvidia driver to the default one Razer supplies through Windows update.
  3. I just got my Base 15 2020 yesterday and noticed the same problem. It's not a great solution, but if I open up Device Manager, and disable Intel(r) UHD Graphics under Display adapters, the screen stops stuttering. While disabled, the laptop doesn't detect if the screen is closed and doesn't turn off the built-in display. However, if I re-enable the Intel adapter, everything works fine without stuttering until the next time I restart the laptop. Frustrating!
  4. mikemerg

    mikemerg New Member

    Super frustrating! I'll try that, thanks! This is my first Blade and so far it's not the experience I was expecting, but it sounds like it's mostly driver issues at least...
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