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Razer Blade Advanced 240hz 2070 MaxQ Graphics - Black Screen Sporadically

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by kydcoco, Nov 13, 2019.


Has anyone else experienced this issue?

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  1. kydcoco

    kydcoco New Member

    I have the 240hz Mercury Blade Advanced with the 2070 MaxQ graphics and I've had it for 4 days. While browsing the web, the display will go black but everything else works just fine. I've tested it and if I plug it into an external display, the external display works but the laptop display stays black and I can't see anything. I do have updated drivers and everything.

    I looked around and saw that someone had a fix where they changed the refresh rate to 60hz and this issue stopped. The only issue with that fix is that the selling point of this machine is the 240hz refresh rate which doesn't seem to work properly. Has anyone found a permanent fix for this yet?

    Another issue I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced is while scrolling, the screen seems to jump up and down. This issue happens with both refresh rates.
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  2. Eyadish

    Eyadish New Member

    I have just recently bought a blade myself, and have had issues with 90% of the screen goes black except the top part. I can see my mouse moving when it is in the top part of the screen.

    I haven't had those problems with my desktop, my old surface pro with Windows 10, so it points alot towards the laptop, but I am still in a search phase before I will contact support about the issue. But seeing this thread about the screen going black, it feels like it's not just me.
  3. kydcoco

    kydcoco New Member

    let me know if you figure anything out
  4. I had the same issue, as well as a white noise effect on my main monitor with a static vertical blue line. Both issues were resolved when new drivers were released. Make sure your Windows, Nvidia, and Razer drivers are all up to date. If that doesn't fix it, then a future patch will fix it for sure. For me the screen was still on but totally black, kinda like a TV would be on but without an input signal.
    Last edited: Nov 14, 2019
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  5. Razer.Caziel

    Razer.Caziel I am the Lightbringer Staff Member

    @kydcoco If you're still experiencing the black screen issue after updating both Windows and Nvidia drivers, please send me a PM. Do include the serial number, Windows Build version, and Nvidia driver version in your message so I can try to recreate things from my end.
  6. ticklemedaly

    ticklemedaly New Member

    I'm having this issue as well - can you please post any resolution? Mid-2019 Advance Mercury White w/ RTX 2070. Only change is Win pro and Samsung 64GB RAM. Usually happens after waking the screen from sleep. All drivers updated.
  7. trantt046

    trantt046 New Member

    I have the same issue as OP. My razer blade 15 is the 2070 max-Q mercury white model with the 240hz screen. The screen goes black after a period of use even though the rest of the laptop is running fine. It also often happens when waking up the laptop from sleep.
  8. kydcoco

    kydcoco New Member

    unfortunately there’s no software update at the moment. I’ve had to send my laptop into Razer for them to inspect. Kinda disappointing but at least Razer has acknowledged this issue. I’ll post an update once I hear something from Razer themselves. For now, if you use it at 60hz that should be a temporary fix
  9. kydcoco

    kydcoco New Member

    Contact support. I just sent mine in today. I’ll keep you updated but as of right now there’s no software fix. I’d say use it at 60hz.
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  10. Beeferony

    Beeferony New Member

    I am also having this issue. 2019 Blade 15 2070 Max-Q, the screen goes black and I basically close the laptop, reopen it, sign back in, and then it temporarily works until it goes black again... Can somebody post a link to the razer drivers for the 2019 Blade 15 2070 Max-Q? I am not sure where to find them I feel like this is part of the issue like TerraCottainsightrush696 said.

    This happened when I first got the blade, then it was fine for a few months and now it is happening again. Switching to 60hz helps but we all want to use the 240hz lol...
  11. Beeferony

    Beeferony New Member

  12. kydcoco

    kydcoco New Member

    I've tried all the drivers and its still happening. I say get in contact with support man. It could be something with the hardware and software can't fix that. See if they can replace the GPU or maybe it's an issue with the screen. The drivers didn't help me at all.
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  13. Beeferony

    Beeferony New Member

    Damn, are they going to charge you for the fix? Do you have a protection plan? It seems pretty bad that a lot of people are having this problem...

    For me, it seems to happen randomly but when it starts it doesn't stop and I have to switch to 60Hz... I wouldn't have gotten this model if I knew about these issues. The 240Hz is beautiful when it works but terrifying that a 2k+ investment that I personally use for production blacks out uncontrollably... Please keep us updated on your fix man! I may contact support soon.
  14. kydcoco

    kydcoco New Member

    No I didn't have to pay for the fix. The machine started doing this to me 2 days after buy it so I contacted supportand sent it in to them. I'm still waiting on what their response but the machine is at their warehouse now. I say just contact support as long as youre within your warranty. Theyll do a warranty repair. I'll keep you updated though once I hear something from them
  15. GaboBaa

    GaboBaa New Member

  16. kydcoco

    kydcoco New Member

    You gotta contact support man. There’s no software fix for this issue
  17. I'm having the same problems. The support ticket went no where. I have to cycle (sleep/wake) about 10 times per day, and sometimes within the same couple minutes. This is my first Razer, and I'm really disappointed.

    Why no official answer from support on the forum!?

    Also, you don't even list my model (RZ09-03017EM2) on the support page!! It's like this model was replaced or something?
  18. retroTuscanyJADE837

    retroTuscanyJADE837 New Member

    Just bought one of these over Black Friday from the Microsoft store and am having the same issue. Are there any fixes or should I just exchange this for another manufacturer since I'm still in the return period?
  19. absims88

    absims88 New Member

    I am having the same problems. I have discussed it with chat support multiple times, I have followed all the steps except for the external screen because it doesn't act up when I have one to use. Of course, now that I am in a hotel without an HDMI cable it has gone out multiple times in writing this post. Very frustrating and since this is my first Razer purchase, it leaves kind of a bad taste. Hopefully, something comes out soon.
  20. absims88

    absims88 New Member

    Any update?
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