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Razer Blade Advanced 240hz 2070 MaxQ Graphics - Black Screen Sporadically

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by kydcoco, Nov 13, 2019.


Has anyone else experienced this issue?

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  1. Pacojerte8

    Pacojerte8 New Member

    I bought the laptop on Friday. I was having the same issues so I returned the laptop to Microsoft yesterday and got a new one. While this one has the same issues, the screen doesn't stay black. It just flickers for like 5 seconds. It happens every time after going to sleep. It sucks!
  2. DylanLalonde

    DylanLalonde New Member

    Hey man, Did you ever get any feedback or get your laptop back? Is it working?
  3. kydcoco

    kydcoco New Member

    So I sent my laptop in and Razer received it at their warehouse on 11/21/19. I received an update from them that it has not yet systematically in their system. Essentially this means that they have it at their warehouse but they haven't scanned it in yet. It's been roughly 7 business days and they still have yet to scan the machine into their system.
  4. kydcoco

    kydcoco New Member

    Razer received the machine on 11/21 but as of today (7 business days) they haven't even scanned the machine into their system...so idk
  5. i have thesame issue cant pm you thanks
  6. jakaysoom

    jakaysoom New Member

    What is mean a PM?
  7. kydcoco

    kydcoco New Member

    private message
  8. jakaysoom

    jakaysoom New Member

    Thank you for your replay, you have solution for black screen after sleep or hibernation.
  9. kydcoco

    kydcoco New Member

    Nope no solutions at all. I just sent it back to Razer. The machine was too buggy for the price.
  10. Beeferony

    Beeferony New Member

    Hey, so I do have an update for anyone in this thread. I updated the BIOS and everything available in this drivers link http://drivers.razersupport.com//in...2.2066218656.1574392851-1226784682.1561935452

    My screen was still going black BUT every time I do a full shut down and not put it into sleep mode the problem goes away. So instead of putting the laptop to sleep I just do a full shutdown and no black screen occurs.

    Obviously this is annoying and I am willing to work with it for now but I feel like selling this machine now because I don't know what to expect going forward which really sucks... If so many people are having this problem I really hope Razer addresses this, I want to love this laptop and brand but issues like this are making it really hard to.

    NEW ISSUE: After updates, it seems like my machine is running very hot, not sure why I don't think it was this hot beforehand. Fans are constantly running under normal use (even just browsing google chrome lol)

    Here is a list of steps for anyone still having Issues:
    1. Update everything, use this link for Blade 15 mid 2019 RTX 2070
    2. Stop putting the laptop into sleep mode, just fully shut it down every time you are done using it.
    3. If the screen still keeps blacking out switch to 60hz mode (this should be stable no matter what) and just work on that until you contact Razer support.

    I hope this helps! My first Razer laptop got it in the summer I cannot return it so I hope this is the only issue and that there is a fix!!!
    Last edited: Dec 9, 2019
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  11. rcafe

    rcafe New Member

    NVIDIA 441.41
    Windows 10 Home
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  12. schinzie

    schinzie New Member

    Same Problem here. It happens just after waking it up fro sleep.

    Restart usally fixes it, but still super annoying.

    2019 Advanced 2070 240 Hz Mercury White edition.
  13. fgkris

    fgkris New Member

    I'm afraid I'm having same issue. Random display shutdowns.
    It happens on power supply as well as battery. Going to sleep and waking turns the screen back on. When connected to external monitor it still works when main blackouts and switching the resolution wakes the display up.
    This is strange and very annoying. Especially after spending so much money. I've send the message to the support but not heard from them yet.
    Is there any update on this? Is this hardware or software issue?
  14. crobmitch

    crobmitch New Member

    Same problem here, just got my razer 15 270 hz, 270 maxQ last week
  15. fgkris

    fgkris New Member

    I guess there are too many broken laptops and Razer decided to do nothing? I've requested support over a week ago and no one responded to this day.
  16. fgkris

    fgkris New Member

    Return it while you still can.
  17. lucaslayf

    lucaslayf New Member

    Any updates?
  18. fgkris

    fgkris New Member

    Yesterday I've installed Windows update 1909 and from then it seems to work just fine. Can anyone test this?
  19. lucaslayf

    lucaslayf New Member

    I can test tonight at home, thanks for the update @fgkris
  20. kydcoco

    kydcoco New Member

    I sent it in a month ago for replacement and I have yet to receive a new machine. I'm not sure whats up with Razer but they're support is the worst I've ever experienced.
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