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Razer Blade chroma with Beats Audio

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Crisgarcia6OT, Nov 16, 2015.

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  1. crisgarcia6OT

    crisgarcia6OT Member

    If the Razer releases Razer blade chroma laptop. Razer should also support Beats Audio. Also Razer blade chroma should also add a subwoofer on the bottom of the laptop like the HP beats special edition and Alienware 17 r2 has it, so that we could have bass on the laptop speakers.

    1311089838_1000x1000_sd.jpg gallery_alienware_17_04.jpg
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  2. JessMessOhYes

    JessMessOhYes Member

    Beats Audio is awful
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  3. Jp720

    Jp720 Active Member

    When you buy Beats, it is like buying an expensive ring. It is pretty much just for show. The price to performance value of Beats by Dr. Dre is utterly horrible. Including Beats Audio would not only jack up the price of the Razer Blade, but would also add unnecessary branding to the device, interrupting the "all Razer" theme of the Blade.

    EDIT: while I like the idea of adding a subwoofer, it would most likely add thickness to the device, straying from the "thin yet powerful" idea behind the Blade.
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  4. Lafar

    Lafar Well-Known Member

    For the love of GabeN, please don't do this to us.

    Beats Audio simply jacks up the bass and treble, making it seem "better". You can easily do this by changing equalizer settings. Either way, you're sacrificing audio quality by smushing away the mids.

    Although I would LOVE if Razer got more into the audiophile world (Gamers listen to music, I know the Adaro series exists, but it has little to no traction in the audiophile community (please prove me wrong)).

    I've been thinking... what if we had speakers (or a subwoofer) inside a mouse? Would the EMI be too much?
    Since subwoofer positioning doesn't really matter (?), it would be perfect in a mouse. The subwoofer vibrations could either be amplified or dampened depending on what gamers think with their mice vibrating.
    An issue could be the type of surface the mouse is on... A cloth surface could dampen/absorb the sound considerably more compared to a hard surface.
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  5. crisgarcia6OT

    crisgarcia6OT Member

    Some gaming laptops have subwoofer. A good thing for gamers is the explosion sound. @Lafar
  6. DZhang

    DZhang Member

    I don't really know the differences between them, but as fans, I would choose razer
  7. Haahhaha for the love of GabeN
  8. crisgarcia6OT

    crisgarcia6OT Member

    I chose Razer too
  9. jj1216

    jj1216 Active Member

    Is Beats really that bad? There are a lot of criticize and blame about the company. But then you gotta admit, the brand does make a great impact on the musical headphone industry. Also for the Apple acquisition, the company was sold for $3 billion when it was just 6 years old.
  10. crisgarcia6OT

    crisgarcia6OT Member

    apple bought the beats
  11. greatking0527

    greatking0527 Active Member

    Why beats?
  12. greatking

    greatking Active Member

    Beats aren't even that great, they just look good. Also adding beats audio on to the blade 2016 would just make it cost even more.
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  13. greatking

    greatking Active Member

    The reason why beats are so well known is that beats audio spends a good amount of their budget on advertising and celebrity endorsements. You often see celebrity wearing them giving them a "premium" feel. There is relativity little money spend on research for better audio quality. The truth is beats are basically all plastic with 3 pieces of metal to give it some weight.
    However beats have been getting slightly better overtime but its more of a fashion statement than about sound.

    You know that beats collaborated with FENDI and made of pair of beats costing $1200.00...
  14. crisgarcia6OT

    crisgarcia6OT Member

    Yeah, we shouldn't put beats on it. We should have one blade with regular speakers and another one with beats audio series. Regular Blade chroma is Razer blade choma Normal

    Blade with beats is Razer blade chroma beats special edition @Sabo @greatking
  15. Beats audio isn't worth it. You're paying more for the "b" than the audio itself. An actual good pair of headphones would only cost half as much as Beats. Beats is more of a fashion item than an actual audio device. If you want good audio for the money, get something with Dolby.
  16. xan326

    xan326 Member

    Beats is just an EQ setting, that's all it ever was and all it ever will be. If you want the 'Beats' sound, just get an EQ and boost the lower mids and some highs. That's literally all you have to do.
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  17. crisgarcia6OT

    crisgarcia6OT Member

    I want to install razer surround right away.
  18. Purelyluck87

    Purelyluck87 Active Member

    Beats sucks man, THX razer mako is one of the best.
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  19. Hozimina

    Hozimina Member

    Beats is ok...... I guess.
  20. DZhang

    DZhang Member

    These could be achieved in someday because there is no technical problem for these.
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