Razer Blade Fans Stopped Working for no reason

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by MiladNosrati, Oct 22, 2020.

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    I bought my laptop, a year ago and I loved it. During the past year barely used it. I started to use it regularly a couple of weeks ago. After that, I noticed hips of issues with my RB which happens occasionally:
    1. Fans do not kick in regardless of load.
    2. Keyboard backlight shows different colours on the left-hand side.
    3. Synapse can't load profiles for my RB and also if it manages to load the profiles properly, it can't change backlight brightness or Fan Speed.
    4. Laptop fails to restart and stock on the restart screen.
    5. laptop fails to shutdown (Screen off, keyboard backlight off, just a low fan noise) and no matter how much I wait, it doesn't shut down.
    6. can't close the laptop lid completely. (I always put a cloth in the middle of the laptop to avoid leaving traces on the screen). I have to remove the cloth and push the lid a bit down until magnets keep the lid closed completely.
    Every time, I turn my laptop, I have to check the fans to make sure, they are working, and then start to use my laptop. ( I noticed that if fans don't stop or start working every time I restart my laptop).
    Solutions I have tried the below solutions and none of them worked:
    1. uninstall and reinstall Synapse
    2. reset my profile in synapse
    3. try synapse in "guest mode"
    4. reboot in "safe mode"
    5. reinstall windows
    6. checking the motherboard visually (I didn't find any visible issue with the motherboard)
    7. contact Razer Support (They told me to send the laptop over, and they will charge me US$99 for checking the laptop and also extra costs, which I think is going to be crazy high.)
    I supposedly assume, the issue is with the motherboard and probably it is going to cost me around $900 to replace it. This issue probably existed in my laptop before, but I didn't use the laptop enough to notice the issues. This is the laptop that I really fell in love when I bought it, in terms of design and performance. But this is the worst experience that I ever had with any laptop in my life.

    I have a few options with the current situation:
    1. Give the laptop to Razer Support to fix the issue.
    2. Find a decent repair shop which costs me less.
    3. order a mainboard online and replace the motherboard.
    4. Forget about Razer laptop and sell the laptop in the current state and get another brand.
    Which option do you recommend me to do?

    My Laptop Specs:
    • Razer Blade 15 Base 2018
    • Nvidia Geforce 1060 Max-Q
    • 1 Zone Keyboard Backlight
    • 16 GB ram
    • 256GB SSD+ 2TB HDD
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