Razer Blade Pro 17 2020 4k 120hz G Sync

Discussion in 'Systems' started by michaeljeff, Jul 13, 2020.

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  1. michaeljeff

    michaeljeff New Member

    I just noticed that I can enable G Sync on my 2020 Blade Pro with the 4k 120hz display. Is this a result of the latest driver support? In any case, just wanted to see if anyone has tested this and confirmed working.
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  2. pitha1337

    pitha1337 New Member

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  3. michaeljeff

    michaeljeff New Member

    I just tested it with Pendulum and I can not select G Sync. It may be a Nvidia display panel issue. Still, I can not get the demo to show screen tearing on my display though so I'm not sure.
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  4. jaseow

    jaseow Active Member

    In the nvidia control panel there should be an option at the top to display when gsync is active. If you check that and lod a game the “GSYNC ON” words should appear on the left of your screen. If it isnt there means GSYNC isnt on
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  5. pitha1337

    pitha1337 New Member

    @jaseow I have used a lot of G-Sync laptops or displays and have never seen a "G-Sync ON" hint when starting a game. I will get the 4K model for comparison to my 300hz model today. I will double check the G-Sync myth :)
  6. Joikansai

    Joikansai Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    There’s option to show it, doesn’t come on default, I think somewhere on upper tab where you have the option. Oh yeah I always set it on to show off LoL
  7. pitha1337

    pitha1337 New Member

    Had the 4K version here today. Tested a bit with new drivers and BIOS. Could not see any G-Sync option in NVDIA control panel with seperate graphics card enabled.

    I thought I will like the 4K display but the opposite was the case. The 300Hz display is so much better in my opinion. Better colors, better contrast, better response time and much smoother. Even with 120hz the 4K display had some tearing e.g. in Diablo 3. In my opinion for Gamers the 300hz is the better option. Im glad I could make a direct comparison.
  8. nyceis

    nyceis New Member

    I'm surprised to hear this about the 4k vs the 300, particularly with regards to color and contrast. Do you have pictures you could post or share?
  9. pitha1337

    pitha1337 New Member

    Unfortunately I already sent it back because it had bad light bleed on the mid bottom of the display. Only did some short test with Diablo 3 and The Devision 2. I was kinda happy that the 4K model is nothing I want to have, saved me a lot of money :D
  10. Mattycoombes1986

    Mattycoombes1986 New Member

    So is G-Sync available on the 300 hz monitor? (thats the pro 17 i have)
  11. Joikansai

    Joikansai Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    If you don’t see g sync options on nvidia control panel then no, blade pro 4K 120Hz maybe use adaptive sync monitor not native g sync model that can be active (g sync kind smooth feature) through nvidia drivers.
  12. rjkrejci

    rjkrejci New Member

    I went the other direction, from the 300 hz 1080 to the 120hz 4k, and I have completely the opposite opinion. The 4k clarity, color and sharpness blew away the 1080p version IMO.
  13. TheParadyme

    TheParadyme New Member

    Could you maybe specify a bit more what you mean with the "better colours and better contrast" in the 1080p? In every review that's been measuring them, the 4K always has done a LOT better on these including nearly 100% Adobe RGB (something the 1080p doesn't even come close to), probably because the 4k display has been geared toward also content production.
  14. rjkrejci

    rjkrejci New Member

    Can't speak for the other poster, but I think one factor is whether you like the anti-glare or not. I get addicted to the crispness and clarity of the 4k display and the colors are accurate and not oversaturated. Some people think "better" is more saturated but less accurate, so it comes down to personal preference. On contrast, I'll definitely have to disagree that the 1080 screen is better. If you're a gamer, you might appreciate the faster response time of the 1080p version

    Also, with this large screen, you can see the pixelization on the 1080p display which adds to the anti-glare lack of crispness. Would definitely get the 4k version again...no regrets (except the more empty bank account)
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